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The Scin Seminar

The Scin Seminar
Today we are going to talk to Brittany Del Toro co-founder of The Scin Seminar, a company that hosts seminars by practicing beauty professional, for practicing beauty professionals. Brittany is a professional aesthetician from Arizona specializing in skin care treatments such as chemical peels, microneedling, acne treatments, dermaplaning.
The Scin stands for: Curating Successful Concepts Within Your Business. Brittany and her collegue Jena provide educational info on products, treatments, and business side of things on their seminars.
– How was The Scin Seminar created?

My wonderful friend Jena Irby and I were sitting at a seminar by a skincare line we both carried in our practices, and together we were talking about how there is a lack of education in the things aestheticians and beauty professionals really want to know, such as building clientele, marketing, combination treatments etc. We decided then to combine our brains and create a platform that allowed people in our industry to learn and network with others!

– What beauty products are you using yourself?

Most beauty influencers tend to use a good amount of products, but to be honest my regimen is super simple!

In the daytime:
1. Cleanse with Skinceuticals simply clean gel and Qyksonic Zoe silicone cleansing brush
2. Skinbetter alto defense which is an amazing vitamin c, great for brightening the skin and preventing sun damage and collagen breakdown
3. Skinceuticals Phyto corrective gel, to hydrate and calm my skin down, it tends to pink up easily!
4. Skinbetter interfuse eye cream, it’s my absolute fave!
5. Revision intellishade spf with a universal tint, it is so light and makes my skin so even!

6. Mizzi cosmetics lipluxe lip balm, it’s all natural and heals my lips that tend to get super dry!

In the nighttime:
1. Cleanse again with my simply clean gel and Zoe
2. 2x/week I exfoliate with either a pomegranate enzyme from skinscripts, or my skinceuticals micro exfoliating scrub
3. Skinbetter alpharet is my forever retinol, I literally can’t live without it!
4. Skinceuticals phyto corrective gel
5. Skinbetter interfuse eye
6. Skinceuticals triple lipid restore if I’m feeling dry or just exfoliated. It’s an amazing moisturizer that helps to not only moisturize, but actually repair the skin barrier!
The Scin Seminar Brittany

– What’s your favorite treatment to perform?

I absolutely love dermaplaning and doing medium depth chemical peels! I love the satisfaction of both and the great results that come from doing them consistently.

– What do you think regarding Retinol based face serums?

I definitely recommend a retinol cream to every single one of my clients. It is absolutely necessary for skin cell turnover, preventing and treating acne, and helping to treat sun damage and Melasma
– Are there any products you should avoid using together?
Avoid using benzoyl peroxide and retinol together, as the two ingredients combined can actually cancel each other out!
– How do you take care of your skin?
Surprisingly, I actually struggle with hormonal acne, so for me the most important thing is that I’m keeping my pores clean and clear by cleansing twice daily, exfoliating twice a week, sticking to my retinol and keeping my hands off my face! I always sleep with my hair up as well
– What would you advice to keep skin healthy and protected?
Always invest in your skincare! Medical grade skincare is scientifically proven to treat your skin concerns and conditions, and the results will show when being consistent! Also stay hydrated, eat a balanced diet, and don’t stress too much
The Scin Seminar Jena
– Do you meditate?
As a mom of four boys, unfortunately, no lol. I do however pray every day and live a very clean and modest lifestyle, which helps keep me balanced and happy!


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