Home Makeup The Shape Of Brows To Come – A Look Into Eyebrow Shaping

The Shape Of Brows To Come – A Look Into Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrow Shaping

There are several methods out there for eyebrow shaping. Here’s a simple and common approach to get the perfect eyebrows so you can bring balance to your face and get fabulous brows at the same time.

Step 1: Take the tweezer you plan to use to shape your own brows. Now hold it upside down, by the prongs, so the flat surface is alongside your nose. Your aim is to line up the inside corner of one eye vertically with your eyebrow just above it. The tweezer’s outer edge, which is straight and not curvy, can be your guide. This is the point from which your eyebrow has to start so mark it with a thin pencil line. Do the same for the other eye. Any hair that rests in between has to go.

Step 2: To determine where your brows are going to end, a similar process has to be performed. Hold the tweezer in a diagonal angle so the bottom edge (where the pulling prongs are) rests against the bottom of your nose, beside the nostril. The upper edge of your tweezers has to line up with the outer corner of your eye. Once you have the points aligned, mark them with eye pencil. Such things are what determine eyebrow shapes. Any hair beyond these lines has to go.

Step 3: Now comes the part where you learn how to get perfect eyebrows. It’s not the plucking stage yet, so don’t be hasty. In this step you determine the thickness of your brows. Start from the thick brow point above your inner eye and move the eye pencil along a neat curve, maintaining the natural shape of that same eyebrow’s top line. Whether it’s straight, curved or angled, follow the shape so you get balanced hd brows.

Step 4: It’s plucking time. Start by getting rid of the excess hair above the bridge of your nose and the outer corners of your eyes. Look directly into the mirror when you work this step. Hold them by the roots using your tweezers and pluck them out. It will hurt a bit. Your brow arch should peak above the outer edge of your eye and rest on your brow bone. Renowned brow specialist Sania Vucetaj says, “Imagine upside-down check marks, but with soft angles. Make [the outer area] a bit thinner than the main part of your brow, tapering at the end.” To do this, mark the point with pencil, pluck a row of hairs along the bottom. You should start from your inner brow point to the peak. You can now shape the tail and make it taper.Eyebrow ShapingFollowing this step will get you sexy eyebrows in less than one hour. Take your time and don’t use that hour as a competitive deadline of sorts. The more you practice the better you’ll become. However, just like medication is not at its best unless prescribed by a doctor, you might not be able to get perfect eyebrows unless you visit a beauty clinic and entail the services of an eyebrow shaper. But women have proven to use this technique on how to shape eyebrows for an emergecy.



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