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There’s Nothing Healthier than Kelly Teegarden Organics

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Often when something tragic or scary happening in a person’s life, and they survive it, they’ll come out on the other side, stronger and more determined than ever, which is exactly how Kelly Teegarden started Kelly Teegarden Organics! Kelly isn’t a doctor and had never had any medical training, neither did she claim to diagnose or recommend treatments for any disease. She did, however, go on the biggest mission of her life when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, which is what led her to discovering her range of healthy and chemically free beauty and body products.


Kelly hasn’t just brought out a range of phenomenal skin care products, which have been made with ingredients that are scientifically proven to have no cancer causing ingredients, but she’s written a book of her journey through her battle with cancer, titled “Cancer Doesn’t Just Happen,” which we are excited will be launching soon!

Kelly has shown us how you can take charge of our lives, be proactive and make changes in your everyday life that will drastically reduce your risks at getting cancer! One of them, is using her amazing skincare products and we got to try out her Vitality Rose & Cucumber Eye Cream, The Royal Healthy Body Lotion, Finally Natural Deodorant, and the lip balm from her new SO SO range, the SO SO Happy Natural and Organic Lip Balm

Vitality – Rose & Cucumber Eye Cream


It can be a pain in the butt to find really good eye cream, but this Rose and Cucumber Eye Cream, from the Vitality range is the bomb! Seriously, KTO has knocked the ball out of the park with this eye cream, the dark circles and puffiness around our eyes, from long days of work and stress, literally disappeared within days! We could feel the hydration being put back into our skin. The skin around your eyes is extremely delicate and can be a difficult spot to take care of, but this eye cream really does feel magical.

The Royal – Healthy Body Lotion


This body cream is ridiculously lush, we couldn’t get over how glamorous we felt using this lotion on our skin, it was like we had stepped onto the red carpet, with a magical glow! Kelly wasn’t kidding when she named this Healthy Body Lotion The Royal, your skin sure will feel royal after using this lotion. We could feel that instant moisture sinking into our skin, and yet it wasn’t at all oily or ‘over-rich’ like so many body lotions. It really does give your skin that spa feeling, which is probably because it’s been enriched with a blend of organic shea butter, lemon, lavender and essential oils.

Finally – Natural Deodorant That SERIOUSLY Works


We’re not trying to blow things up here, or just to be nice, but this is really the most unbelievable deodorant that we’ve ever come across! The Finally Natural Organic Deodorant from Kelly Teegraden is one of those deodorants that you’ll use once, and then never, ever use anything else again, it’s even been awarded the best deodorant in the nation by New Beauty Magazine. One thing that they do seem to emphasize on, and we must admit, it’s true, you need to apply this deo stick to you underarms, when they’re properly dry, and clean, and you need to do it slowly so that it glides evenly onto your skin. This deodorant is one of a kind, and we promise you’ll love the results!

SO SO Happy Natural and Organic Lip Balm

lip balm

No matter how many lip balms we’ve used before, we always seem to have to be constantly applying it to our lips, so that it stays moisturized. However, with this SO SO Happy Natural and Organic Lip Balm, we could literally feel the moisture suck into our lips, and it stayed! Your lips will look so very kissable lips, that you’ll be wanting to kiss them all day! With flavors like Bubblegum and Mojito, you’ll taste great too!


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