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Top 5 Trending Beauty Twists this Winter


With winter officially upon us, you may have started to notice that everything is a little less moisturised, and this is because the dry air caused by the cold will suck a lot of the moisture out of your skin, unlike summer when your skin usually absorbs a lot of moisture from the humidity in the air. Well here at MyTopFace, we’re all about living healthier being more aware of who we take care of our skins, but we also want to really look great while we’re doing this! That’s why we’ve gathered up some of the top trending beauty twists for this winter, to get you looking gorgeous and feeling fabulous!

The Au-Natural with Pink Stained Lips


The natural look has been a huge feature in both the fashion and beauty world this year, with designers in Paris and Fashion week, opting for au natural makeup, sticking with plain and natural skin tones, and only adding in that slight pink lip stain on their models lips. And this is a look that is so easy to replicate and will give you and your skin a refreshing look and feel for the winter. Go for a moisturising face cream and apply only a light layer of mascara, finished off with a pink lip stain, staying away from glimmer or shiny coats of lipstick.

The Oversized Eyeliner Trend


This is one trend that has been lurking its sassy head since spring, and we’re loving how it’s been featured on all the right designers’ catwalks this autumn, which of course makes it the ultimate and perfect look for a warmer and sultrier winter look. Again, try and stick with a very natural looking look, not adding too much dramatic blush or lips, as you want to make the focus of drama lead to your eyes. Fashion week was fuelled by all the dramatically oversized eyeliner applications, and we must admit it, we really do love it. Make sure you pick a perfectly soft but bold eyeliner for this trend, and remember colour is your friend, play it up with different navy’s browns and maybe even a crimson mahogany? Remember that more is better with this one, try using a bold oversized felt eyeliner to ahieve the geometrical looks of this oh-so-gorge trend.

Adorable Mini Fake tattoos


Of course we’re not saying you should run out and get little tattoos inked all over your hands and face, but with adorable little mini tattoos, but using fake, temporary tattoos from places like Tattyoo, who have created the most adorable and cutesy looking mini tattoos, which are not only temporary but completely safe for your skin. We love this idea, as you could change your look up entirely with some sweet little arrows in gold on the side of your neck or a feather on your wrist?! Think of the possibilities you can create, and we know how boring winter can become, sometime you need a little spark to spruce things up in the cold. Tattyyoo also has an adorable range of kids tattoos, which are completely safe for their sensitive skin.

Big Fluffy Brows


Oh Cara, Cara, Cara Delevingne, what an amazing ambassador of the full, bushy anf fluffy brow you are!? We’re a huge fan of Cara, and we love how much of an impact her big voluptuous brows have made on the beauty and fashion industry, and the girl ‘aint shy neither’ – we love the full and fluffy brow and it’s such a perfect fit for a winter’s day out or winters night in. Go for minimal makeup, so that the attention can be on your eyebrows, making sure you use a decent and proper brush pencil or powder to add some volume and colour to your brows, you’ll be amazed at the look of authenticity that you can achieve with big bushy brows.

Deep and Dark Lipsticks


Winter is all about contrasts, and your lipstick should be no different, go for warm, dark and deeply coloured lipsticks. With Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit having sold out only hours after she launched it, which she then rstocked on the 14th of December and then sold out within the day again, there’s obviously a strong desire in the beauty world for warm and deep colours. Kylie Jenner’s lipstick is always intense and bold, being a connoisseur of the dark lip, has been seen sporting dark purple hues, to warm browns and deeply natural colours on her plumpy lips, and we love it. What better way to warm things up this winter than with some warm and deep coloured lipsticks.


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