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Top 5 Winter Scrubs for Your Skin

Top 5 body scrubs

Oh we can’t handle the winter and all of its harshness on our skin! Seriously, can summer just come back already, we’re tired of having flaky and dry skin…although we might have just found some of the best scrubs out there at the moment, which will totally revitalize that dry icky winter skin we all seems to suffer from over these freezing cold months, and give it back some summery glowing life!

These 5 body and facial scrubs are the ‘bee’s knees’ and look so deliciously lush and natural, we could see ourselves dipping a spoon in them to see if they taste as good as they look! All jokes aside though, if you’re suffering from what we like to call ‘Flaky Winter Skin Syndrome’, then maybe you should give one of these 5 body and facial scrubs a try, they sure do look scrumptious, and will definitely work some magic on your skin!

Say Yes to Sustainability – and Moisture


This body scrub promises to put all that yummy and coco nutty, hydration straight back into your dry summer skin. And honestly, who are we to deny that Virgin Coconut Oil combined with the gentle exfoliation of Coconut Husk, sounds like paradise, right? This could be one very tropical, powerhouse of a scrub, and at only $7, 99 – why not give it a try!

That Mild Acne Needs a Scrub


If you’re looking for a face wash that also provides your skin with a mild dosage of exfoliation – we may of just found the perfect scrub for your gorgeous face! This Peach and Willow Bark Deep Pore Scrub is only $8 and has been made with gentle little exfoliating granules extracted from willow bark and peaches, which is mild enough to not cause and irritation but just goof enough to exfoliate!

Going All Kiwi


With actual kiwi seeds, as well as small and soft seaweed chunks, this gentle Kiwi Face Scrub will improve the texture of your skin, whilst also removing all that icky, winter induced, dead skin – which in turn will prevent breakouts on your skin, giving you a much better complexion. Get your Kiwi on at ulta.com

Oh So Fresh


This is one of those body scrubs that won’t only exfoliate your skin but it’s going to leave it feeling soft and silky too! This is mostly because of the Sea salt, sugar and sea salt which works as an exfoliator but then the shea butter mixed with almond butter will give your skin the hydration boost that your skin needs! Get your Flake Away Body Polish here.

Go Back to The Beach


Oh we loooove pretty much any product from Lush, especially since we got to try out some of their very yummy products just a week or so ago, so we’re not surprised that this Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub has made our list of favs! This is the perfect scrub for both your body and your face, letting you pretend like its summer…even though it’s not! Formulated with seaweed, coconut, avocado, lime and Vodka! Yes! Vodka – seriously how much better can a body and face scrub get! We’re in love with this Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub from Lush!


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