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Tosler Davis

Tosler Davis is one of the most popular high-end hair salons in NYC and founded by celebrity stylist Alan Tosler and celebrity colorist Sean Davis. Both Alan and Davis have a long history of working with hair and well-known people in the world if beauty.

MyTopFace wanted to write about something extravagant, so it was decided to get in touch with the salon and came in for a visit. We have made an appointment for hair coloring and haircut and were impatiently waiting for the day to come!

Our expert said: ‘When I came into Tosler Davis salon located on 5th ave I was greeted by Arthur who was already waiting for me. He showed me around the salon which is a big, lit space with huge windows and multiple rooms. Each room has its own purpose – cutting, coloring, and washing. After visiting many salons we noticed that it is extremely important for the salon to have lots of natural light!

Tosler Davis Hair Salon

After the little tour Arthur took an expert to the workstation where the process started.

The very first step of the process was to study the hair and scalp – ‘I noticed, that only high-class professionals do that, and if you don’t this may affect the final result. Arthur paid close attention to see what type of hair he’s working with and made necessary preparations.’

Tosler Davis Before Coloring

Before the coloring started, Arthur applied ‘dermal shield’ cream/ointment to protect the skin around the hairline. Once the skin was fully protected Arthur started to work on the hair.

Tolser Davis Hair Coloring

When the lightening product was applied and the expert had to wait for a little for the hair to get ready for the next step we did an interview with Arthur:

     Arthur Tosler Davis

Arthur, how did you become a hair colorist, what is your background?

I took a tour of the Paul Mitchell Academy in Virginia with a friend and ended up falling in love with doing hair. After school, I worked at a salon in Virginia for 3 years before moving to NYC and training under Sean Davis for 3 1/2 years before becoming a full-time hair colorist at Tosler Davis.

What service is your favorite?

My favorite hair color service to do is balayage. I love the way it’s curated to an individuals haircut and lifestyle.

What is the most popular type of coloring at Tosler Davis?

The most popular hair color service at Tosler Davis is either highlighting or balayage. Going lighter and adding dimension to your hair is especially popular during the summertime.

What products do you work on?

At Tosler Davis we primarily work with Goldwell and Redken products. One thing I love about the salon is that we also carry products from other lines as well and we aren’t limited in the tools we use.

How difficult to achieve color as you did for our expert?<

To achieve the color I did today is one of the most complicated color services. A double process service involves lightening the hair to a high enough level for the vibrant color to really shine through. The most important aspect for myself while doing a double process is ensuring the integrity of the hair. The Olapex bond builder additive to color guarantees that your client’s hair will not break during the process.

What hair is easier to color?<

Different hair textures can play a part in coloring somebody’s hair. If somebody has tight curls or thick/coarse texture there may take longer or be more difficult to lighten. A client with a finer hair texture needs special care to ensure the integrity of the hair. Clean or dirty hair doesn’t play a major factor when coloring hair as long as the hair isn’t more than 1 or 2 days unshampooed.

How should a person get ready/prepare for coloring?

To get ready for a color service it’s best to come with a few photos for inspiration to show your colorist. Words only go so far when describing the exact color you would like therefore photos are a better way to go.

How to prolong a bright color?

The best way to prolong a vibrant hair color like this is to only wash your hair 1-2 times a week, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. A perfect product for a bright fashion color like purple would be the R&Co Analogue Cleansing Conditioner.

randco analog conditioner

How the process of balayage is different from full hair color?

A balayage service is different from an all-over color service because balayage is a look that is specially curated to a clients haircut as well. Balayage is the French term for “to sweep”. When doing a balayage service you’re painting the hair to give it a seamless blend with the client’s natural hair color.

How long does it take to get colored (like our expert) from start to finish?

A color service like I did today can take anywhere from 2-6+ hours to complete. The length of the client’s hair and their previous color services play a major factor when doing a double process. If a client has years of built-up hair color, it can make the service much more complicated and time-consuming because you would need multiple rounds of lightening the hair to get the desired result. In some cases, a double process can be multiple appointment-based services depending on the client’s natural hair color/previous color services and the look you are trying to achieve for the client.

Once the first step of the process – getting hair to blond – was done – expert was invited to another room where Alan Tosler, one of the founders of Tosler Davis was already waiting to start his magic.

The expert said -‘Alan asked me what kind of haircut do I want, and I really had no idea what I wanted. I got curly hair that is hard to style, but I wanted my hair not to be short and color to be bright and visible – so I asked Alan to do what he thought would be the best fit’.

‘Alan gave me a serious look and I knew I’m in the right hands – 30 minutes later I had one of the best haircuts I ever had in my life. What I wanted is something simple, that would fit me, the color I am going to have, and that it’s easy to style without spending much time on it – this is exactly what I got. Without saying a word about what I wanted – Alan did exactly that.

Tosler Davis Haircut

While Alan was doing the haircut we spoke about his work and life outside the salon:

Alan Tosler

Alan, you are awarded hairstylist, but how it all begun?

To be honest I fell into it. I wanted a job where I wouldn’t get dirty! After a very short time, it came to me very easily and I loved every minute of my training.

How did you end up in New York?

It is where every talented hairdresser dreams of working.

What is your favorite and least favorite hairstyle?

That’s a tough one…
It’s about making the person look and feel good.

What is your most important hair-care advice/tip?

Cut your hair regularly and invest in good Shampoo and Conditioner.

We know you’re into vintage cars/racing, what are your passions outside of beauty world?

I am very passionate about food! Either going to the latest restaurant or cooking it… .

I really have got into gardening the past few years I find it extremely relaxing.

Tosler Davis Salon

After the haircut was done MyTopFace expert went back to see Arthur who started the next step of the process – applying color.
But before doing that hair was washed with a special shampoo and conditioned to prepare the hair for color and to protect the scalp from going itchy.

Arthur took a special brush and started going through the expert’s hair, it looked like he’s a painter who doesn’t color, but working on a painting. You can see how he’s passionate about what he does, he didn’t leave a single hair behind and did a very thorough and detailed work.

When the color was applied it was time to let color stay for a bit and our expert went to speak with Sean Davis, co-owner and celebrity colorist of Tosler Davis salon.

sean davis

Sean, what as your childhood like, what inspired you towards the arts?<

My family moved frequently because my father was in the military.  My mother is a landscape painter.  I was always a creative child.  I was always good at making things in the arts and crafts. I wanted to do something creative yet practical.

How did your beauty journey begin/what is your story before Tosler Davis?

I studied art history, psychology, and painting at Vanderbilt University. When I graduated I felt a bit lost.  I needed a practical career that I felt passionate about.  So many of my like-minded souls here in NYC were doing hair and I really felt a connection with that community.  I decided to go to beauty school and specialize in color.  It was the best decision!  After beauty school, I assisted Constance, the head colorist at Frederic Fekkai in its heyday. I was a colorist on Madison Avenue before finally deciding to move to a downtown salon. I met my business partner Alan Tosler while we were working at Jason Croy in the West Village and we opened Tosler Davis in 1999.

If you chose one color, what would it be?

Can’t do that!  It’s like choosing a favorite child or pet.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Creativity and connecting with clients. Getting positive feedback on a daily basis is very gratifying.

What do you do outside of the salon? <

I’m obsessed with fashion and follow all the shows. I probably shop too much as well! I love going to museums.  I go to galleries to explore the contemporary art scene. I love to cook. I recently joined the Board of Directors at Culture For One, a charity that works with children in foster care to give them access to cultural events in NYC. I spend time at home with my husband and two French Bulldogs.

MyTopFace expert reported -‘ Tosler Davis is one of the best high-class salons we’ve been to. The salon has the most friendly, professional, and healthy environment. I am amazed by the attention to details and level of expertise. Everything is tailored to perfection to ensure clients are happy.

It was a great pleasure to meet Alan, Sean, and Arthur – we’re looking forward for more successful collaborations in the future!’.


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