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Tracie Martyn – Purple Ray Facial

Tracie Martyn

You probably know about Tracie Martyn from magazines like Vogue, Allure, or from celebrity interviews with Oprah and Rihanna, or Met-Gala concerts. Tracie Martyn is a SPA and a skincare brand, founded in 1998 by celebrity facialist Tracie Martyn and nutrition specialist Marius Morariu.

The Tracie Martyn specializes in non-invasive skincare procedures, natural and healthy products and making people look like a celebrity by improving and transforming their skin.

Our close celebrity friend suggested that we should write about the SPA and a few days later we had an appointment for Purple Ray Facial and interview with Marius.

Tracie Martyn SPA is located just a block away from Union Square on the 11th floor and has a large and bright space and stylish interior. The expert reported -‘When I can me into the SPA I was greeted at the reception and Marius led me to the room where esthetician Irina was already waiting – I was excited to start!

This is a deep cleaning procedure aimed to transform acne-prone skin making it glowing and healthy. The procedure takes about an hour and a half and involves peeling, LED light, and exfoliation.

During the procedure, you lay down on the comfy table-bed while esthetician does the magic!’

Tracie Martyn Purple Ray Facial Procedure

After the procedure was finished we had a little interview with Marius over the tea.

Marius, how did your beauty journey begin?
My Journey really began in wellness as, Transylvania where I come from, is a country with a great heritage in natural remedies.

Naturally, for me, wellness and beauty are intrinsically connected and when I met my business partner Tracie and her wish was to create a concept for effective natural beauty services (without needles or scalpel) I was very enthusiastic to help her in executing that vision.

Perhaps my personal creative beauty outlet was in my own vision of creating highly effective, clinical but not petrochemical, clean, green and all-natural skincare formulas good enough for our most particular clients who were used to the top luxe derm and department stores brands but as pure and safe and nutritious as a super-food smoothie, to use a nutrition analogy.

What treatment do you do most frequently for yourself?

I use the Ruby Ray most often as I don’t feel guilty about the 15 minutes. It is a reds light bed that relaxes you and makes your skin soft and glowing. Working on my SelfLove that I preach to lie down for the amazing facials we provide in 60 minutes like the Resculpting Facial that lifts firms and contours your face.

Tracie Martyn MyTopFace Expert

What surprises you most about your celebrity clients?

It is amazing how they master work/life balance with their schedules, I am very impressed. Also, I am not surprised but elated at how kind and supportive they are, they seem to understand what it took to get where we are with our brand.

What are the Tracie Martyn skincare must-haves we should all be using?

My advice, if you have the time and budget use all of our products like many of our clients in the entertainment industry

If you do not select 3 products that best target your biggest personal beauty concern, hopefully, you have none, then think prevention.

For instance, if you worry about discoloration the Amla Purifying Cleanser,  the Enzyme Exfoliant and the Absolute Purity Toner would be best

If you need more lifting and firming you would use the serums and Face Resculpting cream.

Safe to say however that everybody needs a sunscreen. Our SafeScreen sunscreen is safe your you as it has no hormone-disrupting chemical sunscreens- it is based on a natural mineral: zinc oxide) but it is also safe for the ocean/marine life as in particular coral, is very sensitive to chemical sunscreens and gets destroyed by them.

Irina, how did you become an esthetician, what’s your background?

I’ve always been interested in skincare, and I was a cosmetic products distributor before becoming an esthetician.

Tracie Martyn Purple Ray

What’s trio must-haves summer Tracie Martyn products?

The ultimate trio is our Amla Purifying Cleanser, Firming Serum, and Face Resculpting Cream. But now that we have TM Safescreen, it has to be included in the must-have list as well.

Tell us benefits/products/beauty tools and step by step process of Purple Ray Facial?

The Purple Ray Facial helps to remove impurities and address breakouts while making you look lifted, rested and glowing. It also manages to get rid of dull, dry skin. It begins with a gentle cleansing with our Amla Purifying Cleanser, followed by crystal-free diamond microdermabrasion. We then apply our Enzyme Exfoliant mask and steam the face to prepare for targeted extractions. In the meantime, clients receive a neck and shoulder massage. Then, we perform gentle extractions and apply our Absolute Purity Toner to calm the skin.

Depending on the specific type of extractions, we’ll sometimes use a high-frequency machine to kill bacteria in the area. After this, we apply our Complexion Savior mask and use our Resculptor machine around the eyes and forehead or cheeks and jawline (client’s choice!) to de-puff and firm the skin. This all happens simultaneously under a combination of blue and red LED lights (hence the name “Purple Ray”). We then remove the mask and mist the face with an oxygen-peptide mist, which incorporates our LotuSculpt Activator. To finish, we apply our Firming Serum, followed by Face Resculpting Cream.

What’s your personal anti-aging hack?

I always use sunscreen and do my best to stay hydrated. I also make sure to incorporate fatty acids and tons of vitamins into my diet. As far as products, I like to stick with a good moisturizer like the Face Resculpting cream.

Tracie Martyn Book

MyTopFace expert reported: -‘Tracie Martyn is not a SPA, but a magical transformation place where Cinderella becomes a Beauty Queen.

My skin has never looked so good in such a short time, I did not expect immediate results and was amazed by that beautiful girl looking at me from the mirror! And smell, what a wonderful scents Tracie Martyn products have! I am in love!’


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