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Treat Yourself – Four Treatments Chosen by MyTopFace Experts

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Here from our Mytopface experts are four products that not only work well as gifts, but can also work as simple pleasures for yourself. When splurging, these four products should be at the top of your pick up list and here’s why:

Yon-Ka Paris Taiga Massage Candle

yon-ka paris taiga massage candle

If total relaxation is something you often aim to achieve, Taiga Massage Candle by Yon-Ka Paris can help you out with that. After lighting the wick, our experts fell in love with the smell of pine and the light citrus that the candle gave off. In a short time span of ten minutes, the candle was melted to a warm oil that complimented the skin in every way. If you can’t share this candle with a partner or friend, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a pleasurable massage. The ingredients in this product consist of organic and natural ingredients formulated for your care. For best routine and results, pour the oil into the palm of your hand, and work it’s way into the skin using slow, gliding motions. Repeat these motions over other areas of the body, then make sure to blow out the candle at the end of each application. We can’t recommend it enough!

Vitamin Cleansing Bar 

Vitamin Cleansing Bar Flora Cassis Mens Grooming Body Care

Baxter of California cleansing bar isn’t like ordinary soap bars, it is a prime example of what a soup bar should be. A cleanser and fragrancer is how our Mytopface experts concluded this product. The aloe within the bar moisturizes and helps restore the moisture in the skin. If you’re not already convinced on why you should invest in this bar, we have another reason why. This bar is paraben-free, meaning you can use it on your face and you don’t have to worry about it harming your skin. The bar is gentle enough to be used on all parts of your body, so make sure to massage it into wet skin, then rinse thoroughly after.

Tangle Teezer

tangle teezer compact styler gold rush

Between the pulling, the yanking, and the knots to match, detangling your hair can be a nightmare. Tangle Teezer created a multi-award winning detangler that comes in many different styles and colors. Whether your favorite color is pink or your friend’s favorite color is black, Tangle Teezer has a huge collection to match anyone’s interest. Our experts tested out their Gold Rush compact styler, and it’s safe to say we agree with every other good review written about this product. There is no tugging, it’s small enough to fit into a handbag, and it’s removable cover protects the teeth from any damage. Some styles work best with wet hair while others work best with dry hair. Either way, you will be knot and tangle-free and that’s what matters most. Grab a detangler in the style and color that best fits the personality of a friend or even your own!

Turbo Balm

this works turbo balm

Each of our Mytopface experts decided to dibble and dab into this turbo balm from This Works! Our experts were so pleased to find out this balm is not only for lips, but can also be used on one’s elbows, heels, and cuticles. The balm contains coconut oil which has been used over and over again as a skin or hair enhancer. Other balms excessively smell of mint, to the point where it can be almost too much to handle for those who are sensitive to scent, but this balm also contains rose oil, which is used as a light, sweet fragrance, so no harsh scent!

These four products are highly recommended for the top spots on the list of your next shopping trip! Our Mytopface experts don’t want you to miss out, so grab them while you can!


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