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Trendy, Natural and from Brooklyn, SW Basics is Phenomenal

SW Basics of brooklyn

It’s such an inspiration when you come across a local and Brooklyn based company that’s really dedicated to giving their customers, organic, natural and super amazing skin care products that actually work!! SW Basics is one of the trendiest and coolest skin care ranges we’ve experienced. With a pretty impressive range of products to choose from we decided we wanted to check out their Makeup Remover, Toner and Cleanser, and of course, how could we not have been ecstatic with the results. From their adorably swag and trending packaging to the actual ingredients in their products, our skin felt, loved, healthy and chic AF!

sw basics of brooklyn

One thing we have to point out about SW Basics skincare range, is they truly are organic and natural, they’re not just saying it, no, no folks – SW Basics REALLY only uses ingredients that are fair trade, certified organic or sourced from family owned farms. How awesome is that?

Makeup Remover

sw basics makeup removerCan we start off with how slick and fierce the little slogan on this bottle is?! ‘Mascara you ain’t the boss of me’ is pretty much the perfect way to describe this makeup remover, which is, in all honesty here ladies, THE BEST makeup remover we have ever laid our eyes on – and we mean that quite literally. When you think about it, makeup remover is something you have to use on a daily basis, and it’s also a skincare product that you use on the most sensitive parts of your facial skin, so why would you use crazy harsh chemicals to clean that makeup off your face? When you could use this gorgeous blend of alive, almond and jojoba oil, not only will it take all the makeup and grime off your face, but it’s going to moisturize you’re skin too! Oh, and can we just give a shout out and a huge thank you to The Casery for this adorable Lips Case iPhone Cover, we’re in love with it, and we hear it’s Kylie Jenner’s favorite too!


sw basics toner

Oh, and there they go again with their cute phrases! ‘Blemishes, Shelmishes!’ – We love this, and it is once again, such a perfect phrase fit for the SW Basics Toner! This soft, pink and beautifully smelling toner has been made from water, yea you read that right, WATER, and then of course they threw in some lush organic essential oils of Clary Sage and Sandalwood. We think, that the one ingredient we fell in love with the most in this toner was the organic raw apple cider vinegar, which is amazingly refreshing and surprisingly moisturizing on the skin. This is a winner Toner!


sw basics cleanserSeriously, the packaging team over at SW Basics have got their ducks in a row! Another fabulous slogan on their super effective Cleanser – ‘ Be Nice to Your Face, Save Suds for Dirty Dishes’, yet again genius. because in all honesty, they’re right, why would you use the same harsh chemicals that you would you use on dirty dishes, on your skin!? right? Well, SW Basics has definitely taken their facial cleanser to an entirely new level of awesome, this cleanser is gentle  but oh so very effective! Madly in love with pretty much every product from these guys!

Keep up the good work!


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