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Truffle Therapy by Skin&Co Roma

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Season of NYFW came and chilly days are right around the corner, we want to take care and pamper ourself more than ever! As we are replacing our wardrobe for trench coats and sweaters, let’s look into a new skincare routine, exfoliate all the dead skin from the summer heat and get ready for dry chilly days.

This is a perfect time to give ourselves special attention and care, relax and enjoy the luxury of Truffle Therapy product line by Skin&Co Roma. Using Truffle Therapy skincare is like taking a trip to Italy.

Glamorous Italian ladies used Truffle extracts for over 60 years and thanks to Skin&Co Roma, it is accessible to us now. As we found out about Truffle Therapy collection, we could not wait to try it out. We tested Cleansing Foam, Face Gommage, Serum and Eye Concentrate. And we fell in love!

Enriched with purified Italian water Truffle Therapy Cleansing Foam is light and gentle to our skin. MyTopFace expert said that -‘It feels like you apply a tiny white cloud on your face. It does not only feel good, but it also cleanses impurities that can cause premature skin aging, hydrates and brightens the skin. With lots of great ingredients, we are not sure if this is the truffle or Italian water but something that makes our skin feel incredibly soft and look radiant!’

Truffle Therapy Cleansing Foam

Most of us have some kind of skin imperfections that we are looking to improve: clogged pores, acne scars, dark spots or rough texture. All of these can be fixed with the help of Truffle Therapy Face Gommage. Formulated with Apricot seed powder, Face Gommage gently polishes and exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal new fresh skin underneath. Exfoliation helps with texture, smoothes any rough areas and evens out skin tone. It also allows other skin care products to penetrate the skin deeper for maximum effect. Our expert has sensitive skin. She noted that apricot powder in the exfoliator was so fine that she felt confident using it three times a week and had amazing results. Her skin was smooth, bright and ready for the rest of her skincare routine.

Truffle Therapy Face Gommage

Are you are on the market for high-quality anti-aging products? Then Truffle Therapy Boosting Anti-aging Serum is for you! This serum is simply amazing! No more glossy looks and sticky feeling skin. This serum makes the skin soft and velvety. It leaves the skin ready for the red carpet in just a couple of minutes. Our skin always deserves some special care and luckily we can pamper it with Truffle Therapy Serum. MyTopFace expert reported that she could see her skin looking smooth and radiant immediately after the first use and started to notice a reduction in fine lines over time. We can see and feel the difference!

Truffle Therapy Boosting Anti-aging Serum

We also tested Truffle Therapy Eye Concentrate that reveals toned, radiant healthy-looking skin around the eyes. It is very rich and creamy, absorbs fully and just a little goes a long way. We just love, love, love how smooth and hydrated the skin around the eyes feel after just one use. With continued use, our expert noticed that around the eye area became tighter, lighter and wrinkles became a lot less visible.

Truffle Therapy Eye Concentrate

This is an amazing result and we could not be any happier. What can be better than pampering, loving our skin and giving the best to ourselves? We all deserve the best treatment, and we can have it with Truffle Therapy by Skin&Co.


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