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Truly Clear Acne Solution Soap Bar

Truly Clear Acne Solution Soap Bar

UV rays are a good way to treat and get rid of the acne – but it is not always the best way to do it, especially in the hot and sunny summer. Let’s leave sun for tan and talk about such acne treatments as soap bar!

For those who like to clean their face with a soap bar, we have found Truly Clear – The One Step Acne Solution. The Truly Clear soap bar is 98% natural, means it’s made only from natural elements and no harsh chemicals and is a great and safe product for your skin.

The Truly Clear is not just for face wash use, but is also great for the body, treating hormonal acne, and rosacea. This simple soap bar is a powerful tool to use against acne and to get a skin glow. It made of ten ingredients that help your skin to stay healthy: Cocoate – made from sustainable coconut oil, it cleans, moisturizes and softens your skin; Peppermint Oil – a great source of vitamins and minerals, as well as natural source of menthol; Palmate – palm oil, cleanses, moisturizes your skin; Acai & Goji berries – are great sources of antioxidants that nourish skin and help with inflammation; Shea Butter – nourishes, moisturizes skin and also helps with inflammation; Vitamin E – enhances healing and tissue repair, Aloe Vera – hydration and soothing properties, Vitamin A – strengthens your skin, Silver – ingredient used for deep skin cleaning, Sunflower Oil – creates proactive layer that helps to keep bacteria making direct contact with the skin.

Truly Clear Soap Bar

The Truly Clear Soap Bar comes in cute round plastic box, where you can keep your soap safe from moisture between uses. The expert noted that soap gets very foamy and you need to rub it just a little to cover skin on your face. The soap has a nice peppermint fragrance and a gentle light feeling on the skin. Prepare your skin by taking off all makeup and rinsing your skin with warm water. Take the soap bar and rub it in your hands or directly into the area of your need until it gets foamy. Massage foam into the skin with gentle round moves for one or two minutes and rinse off with warm water.

As soon as soap touches skin you can feel its healing effect, it’s gentle fragrance is very calming. The skin starts glowing after first wash and it looks smooth and moisturized, the acne significantly reduced after the first two uses – which is amazing! Foam goes deep into the skin and cleanses pores and¬†protecting it with from bacteria. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E help to take inflammation and irritation off the skin and Peppermint oil enriches skin with vitamins and minerals.

Truly Clear Soap

At MyTopFace we love soap bars and Truly Clear is now one of our favorite products for face wash and acne treatment! But don’t forget your monthly facial during the summertime to avoid dehydration of your skin.