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UMMA – A Good Hair Day Of Seoul

UMMA A Good Hair Day in Seoul

If you following MyTopFace you probably already know that we are in love with Korean skincare and beauty care products, and we love to expand and find something new for our test and reviews. For this article, we have found something truly unique and interesting called UMMA.

UMMA is a set of Korean skincare products that provides full assortment necessary for the comprehensive scalp care. A healthy scalp is an essential first step of beauty routine for healthy hair, the UMMA set has combined seven full-sized products from the best Korean brands. The set named ‘A Good Hair Day Of Seoul’ and has all essentials from shampoos and conditioners to scrubs and hair masks to keep your scalp healthy and hair beautiful.

AMH Shampoo. AMH stands for ‘Add More Hair’. This is a Loren Lux shampoo that cleanses your hair, exfoliates and improves overall scalp health. Ingredients such as salicylic acid and zinc pyrithione help to liquidate dandruff and take care of seborrheic dermatitis. This shampoo is very light and has a nice and gentle smell. Our expert reported that she did not use a conditioner after this shampoo as the hair was silky and soft without it. Most Korean celebrities use AMH, however, it is also very popular in the Americas and Europe as well!

AMH Shampoo

Beigic Scalp Revival Purifying Scrub. Beigic is a Korean brand that specializes in products based on natural and plant-based ingredients. This scrub works as both: scrub to exfoliate the scalp, as well as detoxifying shampoo. The product is enriched with the sea salt, mint menthol, and green coffee bean extract. These three ingredients help to cleanse, remove dead skin cells, impurities and sebum build up, restoring the healthy skin balance on the scalp. Beigic Purifying Scrub has a large bits that you can feel while massaging into hair, the product becomes very soapy which makes it easier to spread for the hair-length, and because of mint, it gives a cold feeling to the scalp.

Beigic Scalp Revival Purifying Scrub

Beigic Damage Repair Treatment Mask – is another great product by Beigic to repair and strengthen your hair. This mask is rich in oils such as green bean coffee bean oil, argan oil, and rosehip oil that nourish, hydrate, and protect against damage and breakage. This is a great product for thin, chemically damaged, or sun/heat-exposed hair.

Beigic Damage Repair Treatment Mask

Moremo Revitalizing Hair Tonic A is a nutritional tonic containing seven different extracts from plant roots, bio-marine stem cells, and essential oils such as bergamot and orange. This tonic cleanses the scalp, and adjust hydration and oil balance, that is ideal for the scalp and hair health.

Moremo Hair Essence Delightful Oil is a special oil to calm, smooth and replenish damaged hair. This product contains eight different vegetable oils to moisturize and hydrate tired, dried hair, it’s light and non-sticky texture provides tangled, damaged hair the care it needs.

Moremo Revitalizing Hair Tonic A

Amos Repair Shine Enrich Night Cream. This night cream developed by number 1 hair salon brand in Korea. This Amos Cream is made to keep your hair safe and perfect through the night. The cream formulated with the starflower oil, that in addition to hydration and antioxidant benefits also smoothes and seal hair cuticles, creating a lightweight shield around them. Apply this cream before going to bed to prevent dryness and friction and bed head.

White Rabbit Volumizing Air Brush is a lovely color, light pale pink hairbrush suitable for all hair types. The Volumizing Air Brush adds volume and body, while easily detangling hair. The brush has patented S-shaped teeth, which unique form helps to minimize damage and soften the grip while still effectively detangling hair. We’re simply in love with this brush!

White Rabbit Volumizing Air Brush

As it was expected – we fell in love with Korean brands even more! Even though the goal behind each product is the same as you can find in American or European product, you can feel a different spirit, approach, and process


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