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VAesthetic SPA: Balneotherapy & Massage

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VAestethic Spa is a gem located few blocks away from the beautiful beach in Brooklyn. MyTopFace has heard many positive reviews about the place, so at one point it was decided we have to see what’s that place that everyone is talking about.

While looking at the variety of available services we realized that this is not a usual hair & nail salon, but a full-service spa that also specializes in massages, body sculpting, balneotherapy, and offers such interesting services such as meditation, yoga, tea ceremony, and even rituals to restore energetic balance.

It is hard to impress yourself or anyone with the services that most spa offer, however, this variety is something new, so we wanted to try something we have never written before. Our expert made an appointment and came in for a Herbal Healing Bath & Bali Massage.

vaesthetic hair salon

When MyTopFace expert came in for an appointment he was greeted by a friendly host who showed around the spa, which is a big and a beautiful place. -‘I was amazed by the design of Aethetica’ – our expert reported – ‘It felt like I am walking in the museum of modern arts, everything looks so neat and perfect. Each area and room designated to specific service, the whole place is made to make you feel comfortable while you getting a service. The Spa even got own rooftop, so you can relax and enjoy a beautiful view of the city.’

vaesthetic spa pedicure

The bath was ready and the expert was invited into the room: ‘The room has an interior made in dark tones and had candles lit on – I already felt relaxed once the door was opened. The bath had rose petals, herbs, and cut lemons, by the bath there were fragrance sticks – you feel royal by just looking at it. The water was hot enough to make you relax and think of noting – all you have to do is enjoy a healing bath. After about 15 minutes I was ready for massage – the host has already prepared plenty of towels and the bathrobe for me to get ready.’

vaesthetic balneotherapy

Once I exited the room the host offered me a drink and proceeded to the massage room where Roman was already expecting me. The room is done in a similar style of dark tone and felt very comfortable and cozy. The massage table was adjusted for my body and before the procedure started Roman asked questions if I had any issues or pain in my back or muscles so he can adjust the massage to my needs.’

vaesthetic spa massage

The expert has requested for a massage to be deeper and stronger to warm up muscles on the back that were giving aches. Roman has found the muscle that was over overstretched and advised on ways to take the pressure off in the future.

MyTopFace expert reported: “Roman has strong hands and knows what he’s doing – I was expecting massage to be somewhat rough, as you need to get deep to specific muscles, however, I felt sleepy and relaxed while my pain was going away.”

The Bali massage was followed by the GuaSha face massage that is performed by special flat sticks that called scrapers. These special tools are made from jade or ox horns that help to the circulation of energy and blood. ‘After a few minutes you don’t even feel that scrapers being used, you feel like massage is being done by hands! This is a completely different feeling!’

The whole massage procedure took about two hours. When it was finished expert was offered black & green tea with honey and sweets – you have to drink and relax after massage.

After this amazing experience, it was important for us to talk with Nataliya, the owner of the VAesthetic Spa and Roman the masseur.

Nataliya, how did you come up with the idea of the spa?

New York City with its hectic lifestyle doesn’t let people lead a quiet life. People are always tension and the majority of us don’t even know how to relax. The idea of the spa was to create a place where a person just for a couple of hours can restore the energy balance and to be by himself.

nataliya vaesthetic spa

The spa looks so great and has so many different rooms, lounge areas, and even rooftop – did you design the spa yourself?

Interior design was the most difficult, I think. I knew exactly what I wanted and the only thing I had to do was to find a person who would make my vision and dream real, the one who would feel the philosophy of this place. My search lasted long but at last, I found a designer who we have worked with since. She did everything that you see here. 

vaesthetic rooftop

Aesthetic SPA offers a big variety of services from Manicure, to Bath, Massage, and even Meditation and Tea Ceremony – please tell us more about this variety.

These are 2 salons that are located next to each other. Aesthetika is the beauty salon covering 4 floors created in French Provence style. There is the whole spectrum of services like manicure, pedicure, hair, cosmetology with the newest equipment and the highlight of this place is the rooftop with the garden of herbs and flowers. Our clients may drink tea here before or after their procedures and enjoy the sunset breathing the aromas of the herbs.

VAesthetic Spa is a full spa which offers peace and tranquility. This place is isolated from external sounds. 20 different kinds of massages collected from all over the world, healing baths, meditations are in the Spa Menu. You may also enjoy professional Japanese or Chinese tea ceremony.

What are the most popular services?

Recently meditation has become very popular. We have a professional yogi who has lived in India for 10 years and devoted herself to learning meditation. Our innovation is healing baths which clients add to almost any type of massage.

Please tell us about the different kinds of massages available?

Massages are the pride of our salon. We have about 20 kinds of different massages but among the most popular are:

Ayurveda massage with hot herbal bags – this technique not only relaxes the muscles but also cleanses the skin as the herbal juice which is extracted from the bags penetrates into the skin and provides treatment to the whole body.

Bali massage – the most relaxing massage technique with aromatherapy which finishes with the ritual of Tibetan bowls that clear the soul.

GuaSha Massage – performed with jade scrapers to cleanse and detox the whole body.

Massage with Philippines Shells – a new and exclusive technique with natural tiger shells which are heated with the special herbal compound. The movement of the massage reminds you of a sea wave that fills you with the sea energy.

Please tell us about Balneotherapy baths available at VAsethetic spa

“Milk bath of Cleopatra”soothes and enriches the skin with minerals and nutrients, and improves blood circulation.

“Herbal bath” – relaxes your body and mind, improves the immune system, and it is very good when you have common cold.

“Mineral bath” – a natural mineral bischofite which helps with sore joints is used to make this bath.

vaethetic herbal bath

Aesthetic Spa offers multiple body shaping services – what machines do your work on?

We created a unique approach to correct the body contours. This approach includes both manual massage techniques as honey and cup massages and the most cutting-edge tools like ultrasonic cavitation, pressure therapy, RF lifting, and lipolaser.

vaesthetic body sculpting

What would the best package to try multiple services?

We offer two main packages. The first package is aimed at relaxation and includes a massage, spa facial, herbal bath, meditation, and tea ceremony. As our clients say this package replaces the vacation!

The second package is aimed at figure correction and includes a complex of massages and instrumental procedures. After this session, we always guarantee a positive effect!

Roman, what is your background?

Before becoming a masseur I had worked at ER and at that time I started to learn Chinese medicine.

What made you choose this type of healing?

Massage for me is not just kneading the body. It is the philosophy, exchange of energy and prevention of many diseases.

What types of massage do you specialize on?

I specialize in Chinese massage techniques like face and body GuaSha massage, Cup massage, Lymphatic drainage, Yumeiho massage and others.

vaesthetic roman

Our expert received Balinese massage & GuaSha massage please tell us what are those massages, how they different?

Bali massage of the body is a very relaxing technique which balances the body and mind.

Facial jade scrapers massage is cleansing and lifting the face skin. This massage is performed with jade scrapers which allow to make a deep effect to the skin. It is suitable for all skin types.

How should a person prepare for a massage before the visit and what should the person do or not do after the visit?

Before massage it is very necessary to get in the procedure, leave troubles and worries, relax, and in this case massage will be effective.

After massage, it is important to drink a lot of water and not to plan any meetings or active work. You have to be by yourself and stay in peace as long as possible.

The expert reported that VAesthetic Spa is a high end boutique of Spa services in Brooklyn – you don’t have to fly to Bali or South Hamptons to get this unique experience! Wether you are looking to get a simple massage, yoga class or a full relaxing package, you won’t miss it at VAestethic Spa!


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