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Vampire Facial at CryoEmpire with Jordan Jacobs

MyTopFace team was lucky enough to try a trending procedure with one of NYC’s top practitioners, Jordan Jacobs. We arrived at CryoEmpire in the heart of midtown to get a Vampire Facial. Made famous by that infamous Kim Kardashian a vampire facial has quite a reputation. We were excited to try this ourselves and see – does it truly deliver the anti-aging and skin plumping results it’s associated with?

Upon arrival at CryoEmpire, we were warmly greeted by staff and then by Jordan brought in to a  medical room – we should note that they are in the middle of a big move to an exciting permanent space that we are hoping to stop by next month! Jordan has a wonderful bedside manner and makes us feel totally comfortable, explaining the process in detail so we felt totally relaxed with this slightly intimidating process. We knew we were in great hands.

MyTopFace feels it’s important to explain exactly what a Vampire Facial is, and why it’s gained such popularity. The process, also known as the Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Facial begins withdrawing blood from the patient and then using a centrifuge to separate and extract the platelet-rich plasma (PRP). A little more on PRP – this liquid gold is a component of your blood that has special proteins and growth factors that support cell growth and stimulates collagen! Vampire Facials have become more popular with those who are looking for a natural way of refreshing their face without using Botox or fillers. Vampire Facials are known to plump and fill the skin without using harsh methods beginning back natural collagen to the surface of the skin. It also has great healing properties when it comes to scar reduction.

CryoEmpire PRP

We start the process having our blood drawn Jordan takes about five vials from our arm. The blood is then placed into the centrifuge and several minutes later the files and Rich separated. You can see that they typically thought of red blood cells fall to the bottom while the PRP rich plasma platelets rise to the top. This is the desired substance for this procedure – that liquid gold! One quick tip is in the days before your procedure you want to eat healthfully as possible and try to refrain from alcoholic drinks. It’s important to not take any blood thinners for 24 hours and to intake no caffeine the day of your appointment. The quality of the PRP that is extracted from your arm depends on this and it will make more challenging to have the proper quantity of product if you do not. For example- we had a slightly unhealthy breakfast the day of the procedure and unfortunately had a more challenging time getting PRP. There is a layer of a thick gel makes for a more challenging to get the proper amount of PRP out.

CryoEmpire Vampire Facial

Then our actual “facial” starts. Jordan applies the numbing cream and leaves it on for 10 minutes to dull the pain. Then we are ready to begin, Jordan uses the syringe to prick tiny abrasions on the surface of our face. This is where the red colored blood the facial is so famous for comes from. The reason for making these tiny microscopic breaks in the skin is it tricks the body into thinking that there has been an injury, bring growth factors to aid new collagen formation reducing wrinkles, fine lines, tightening pores and overall rejuvenating the skin. We will be honest – these injections did hurt quite a bit and our eyes did tear quite uncontrollably through the process that lasted about 30 mins. Jordan worked in areas, concentrating on cheeks, then chin and forehead with the areas of our expert face with thinner skin being the most painful. Jordan let us stop quite a few times to take a deep breath and recover after some of the more sensitive areas. As Kardashian reported after that infamous procedure it truly hurts- but as they say, beauty is pain!

Vampire Facial at CryoEmpire

Overall there was no pain post procedure, even in the hours immediately following. However, the entire face was quite red and felt tight for two days following the process – which is normal.

One week after the procedure the skin of our expert showed an amazing improvement – the skin became brighter and smoother, most of the issues like acne were almost completely eliminated. Several sessions needed to get the desired result, especially for scarred or large pores.

We would highly recommend visiting Jordan Jacobs. Her professionalism and expertise are appreciated in a crowded space with tons of practitioners, Jordan stands alone, she’s truly an artist. She’s a true expert in her field and we’d recommend seeing her for your own skin refreshing Vampire Facial. She also specializes in Botox and fillers so see her for those needs as well!


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