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Veil Cosmetics AutoMatte Mattifying Base & Touch-Up

Veil Cosmetics Automatte

Our friend, Veil Cosmetics, has recently come up with a new product and it’s the time when we get our hands on it and test.

The new product called AutoMatte Mattifying Base & Touch-Up. AutoMatte is a powderless skin smoother that has a texture and touch similar to wax. Even though it has a blue color it actually comes in a universal shade and is fully transparent/invisible on the skin.

The purpose of AutoMatte is to prevent shine and oil buildup and make skin smooth. It has all the functions of powder, but it’s waxy texture don’t make it crumb as some powders. The product does not dry skin and feels totally weightless and breathable. AutoMatte formula clarifying and brightening, as well as it is soothing complexion and assisting in collagen synthesis in the skin and protects it. This product is paraben free and has vitamins C and E.


You can use AutoMatte as a Base or as a Touch Up. To use it as a base first prime skin with a primer or serum, then rub black sponge that comes with the product or a finger into the product and gently massage it into the skin with circular moves. Since the product has a texture similar to wax you can also use a brush to pick the product and apply it to your face.

To use it as a Touch-Up, apply a little bit of product to the desired area with gentle circular moves to take away the shine. It is better not to rub if you are using makeup as makeup can come off, and it is better to use provided sponge with a ‘press and roll’ motion.

This is a simple, yet very powerful and useful product. You can literally use it on the bare skin to take off away excess shine, without applying any make after that or use it with makeup to replace the powder.



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