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Veil Cosmetics Interview with Sebastien

Veil Cosmetics MyTopFace Sebastien

We have written about Veil Cosmetics products before and we’re proud to collaborate with the brand, see how it grows, and even take part in its development in online by telling you about product releases. However, this time we want to show you the beauty of creation and what is behind the brand, so we invited  Sebastien, Veil Cosmetics CEO for an interview.

Sebastien, please tell us about yourself, what made you a person you are today?

Where to begin… I grew up in a small rural town in the suburb of Quebec City, Canada so yes, French is my first language and cultural influence. I was not exposed to any serious English learnings until I was 19 years old when I experienced a summer language program of English immersion. This opportunity influenced my path as I got accepted in 3 different universities, but only Concordia University in Montreal was offering me with English schooling, so I chose that direction. Looking back to my teenage years, I was fascinated by New York City and its cultural influence. To me studying in English just seemed like a step closer to cracking that nut. I always had this gut feeling and strong desire to work in New York and traveling the world so I guess you could say that I put it all out in the universe at a very early and formative stage in my life. Pairing that up with encouraging and supportive parents, I have always followed my dreams and reached out for the stars.

When/How did you become interested in beauty?

It’s not until I graduated from Concordia with a BFA Major in Studio Arts that it dawned on me that I should be pursuing a career as a makeup artist. These very formative years in the early-mid-90’s, living, studying, working in Montreal had a huge influence in my life. That’s where I really found my tribe, felt like I belonged for the first time and explored art, fashion, and clubbing. It was such an amazing cultural bastion (and still is today) and we were extremely social; remember that this is all pre-internet and pre-social media so one had to really get out there to meet people and we were making real connections, nothing like today’s avatar-like life. I really got into fashion and bought all the cool fashion magazines and catwalk reviews of the time, which was all so inspiring for my painting and drawing I did. I was obsessed with painting/drawing faces so these photos of models and pictures and polaroids I was taking of my friends before we would all go out were at the root of my art at the time. Upon graduating, it struck me like lightning; I was going to be a makeup artist! I was going to be able to go backstage to all these fashion shows and continue to paint faces, but actual models, no more paper or canvas.

What is your beauty philosophy?

If the skin is right, the rest will follow.

What are the products that you use for yourself?

I am all about skincare so I experiment a lot with lotions, creams, oils, eye care, masks, etc. But I can’t live without concealer and micro-concealing. It is no coincidence that I first launched my brand Veil Cosmetics with a collection of Corrector Concealer Highlighter called Complexion Fix.

What are some of your favorite makeup tricks?

Mixology has always been my thing. I can’t just use anything straight from the tube or its original packaging. I always mix skin care with all my makeup, even when I am on set doing eye makeup or coloring cheeks, I turn all powder makeup into creams and fluids. Again, that is exactly why I ended up launching my primer serum mixing base Sunset Light.

With what celebrity did you enjoy working the most?

I always remember fondly working at New York fashion week and doing makeup for Helena Christensen. She was warm, funny and so beautiful of course. Also for New York fashion week I got to work with Nelly Furtado and Debbie Harry and they were kind and effortless to do makeup for. Celebrities can be very picky and they don’t necessarily know what they want which can create friction and tension like you are walking on eggshells, not my favorite situation. I would not call myself a celebrity makeup artist anyway. Yes, I have worked with lots of known models, actors, and singers but I have also done a ton of runway, editorial, TV, special events and everyday women’s makeup so I am a professional makeup artist first and foremost.

What’s your favorite part of the job as a makeup artist?

Each person that sits in my chair has a different bone structure and skin tone or types and that’s where I draw my inspiration from.

How Veil Cosmetics was born?

I have worked a lot in Asia throughout my career and the skin care know-how of the Japanese and other Asian countries is very prevalent. I became fascinated by fresh, healthy, radiant skin and it became my signature makeup style. Doing makeup for over 60K women over the years has taught me a lot about what women like and dislike and I learned that heavy, sticky makeup and skin care is extremely uncomfortable and a big turn off. I then knew that weightless complexion solutions and makeup were going to be the foundation for my brand.

veil cosmetics

What’s behind the Veil Cosmetics/What message does it bring to the world?

We’re passionate about skin. No matter your age or skin tone, we believe that illuminated skin reveals your inner splendor and is always beautiful. We’ve set out to modernize the traditional approach to makeup by revealing gorgeous skin, with multi-tasking, skin care cosmetics. Our complexion solutions not only feel refreshing and weightless, but you can feel confident knowing that our light-infused cosmetics impart instant illumination while soothing and hydrating the complexion with their treatment benefits.
Don’t mask your skin, let your beauty shine through with Veil.
Veil Cosmetics has a mission to help you Embrace And Love Your Skin.

Please tell us about what products does Veil Cosmetics offers?

Complexion Fix is a one of a kind formula and multi-usage corrector, concealer, & brightener that fuses skin care and color science to hydrate, soothe and even out the complexion. This superior water-based formula and texture melts with the skin without a trace and is completely buildable making it ideal for micro-concealing.

veil cosmetics complexion fix

Sunset Light is a one of a kind water-based formula using serum-strength actives that instantly primes, hydrates, brightens and soothes the complexion. This refreshing texture blurs imperfections like pores and fine lines while leaving the complexion with a soft-lit from within appearance.

Veil Cosmetics Sunset Light

Sunset Skin foundation is an airy, whipped formula that reveals skin as if drenched in the sunset light. Water-based Sunset Skin melts with your complexion: not mask-like, pure weightlessness. Special engineered texture makes for an effortless blend and its soft-focus finish helps skin appear smoother and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Veil Cosmetics sunset skin

Veil Cosmetics is Vegan – are you vegan yourself?

Yes, all Veil Cosmetics are vegan and cruelty-free and always have been. I am not a vegan myself but I do eat as clean as possible and like to eat locally sourced food as much as possible. Veil products are supercharged with high-performance actives & pure natural ingredients to enhance what you love and minimize what you don’t – for youthful and flawless looking skin. Powerful and efficacious ingredients, free of negatives that provide noticeable results.

Tell us about your new Mattifying Balm & Touch-up product?

Veil Cosmetics Automatte

This unique powerful skin smoother and mattifier is a multi-tasking hero for all skin types. A velvety balm enriched with vitamin C & E for use as an under makeup base or setting powder substitute. The result is silky smooth and impeccable skin that feels comfortable and never cakey. Its velvet finish keeps the integrity of the skin intact no matter the skin tone as it goes on transparently. Non-drying, AutoMatte’s weightless and breathable veil provides a soft focus effect that leaves skin looking naturally smooth.

What can we expect from Veil Cosmetics in the coming years?

You can expect from Veil a lot more weightless complexion solutions and options of course and I am very excited to announce that we are soon to launch in the Fall our very first color makeup, so stay tuned!

We are working on developing lots of cosmetics for eyes, cheeks, lips, brows, and tools, no stone will be left unturned.


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