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Venture The Luxury of Temporary Tattooing With Sasha Unisex

sasha unisex

sasha unisex temporary tattoo

Not your average temporary tattoo ordeal, Sasha Unisex is known around the world for her beautiful watercolor style. Her biggest inspiration being animals, plants, palettes, and paints, she takes what inspires her the most and transforms her ideas into masterpieces that can last up to two weeks.

Her selection to choose from has cute, daring, and beautiful options and we were given the opportunity to test out our fav’ ones! All it took was putting the Tattoo exactly where we wanted it, dabbing the paper with water, then peeling the paper from the skin and voila!

The Red Bow Temporary Tattoo is a beautiful knotted red bow.

pink roses sasha unisex tattoo

The Pink Roses Temporary Tattoo is such an adorable dainty tattoo, perfect for those hidden spots that you may or may not like to show off.

The Peony Crescent, similar to the Pink Roses, just more elongated, and with more of an assortment.

sasha unisex tattoo

If you are liking the Temp Tattoos and how they look on actual flesh, but are afraid of commitment, that is exactly what Sasha and her Temp Tattoos are there for. There to give any and everyone the free will and luxury of marking their body for a short period of time.

With these Temps you can see what a real tattoo would look like on your shoulder, arm, leg, neck, thigh, or wherever one’s heart desires. If you are not into the idea of having tattoos exposed for the public to see, placing appropriately-sized Temps can be hidden or covered up, depending on the area and article of clothing. Skeptical on how easy removing the Temps are? It is so easy! Easy tools like nail polish remover, cold cream, olive oil, rubbing alcohol, and even scotch tape can carefully aid you in removing your Temporaries!

sasha unisex unicorn tattoo

The Unicorn Temporary Tattoo is of only the head of a Unicorn in fantasy colors such as pink, red, and blue.

The Prancing Unicorn is a full body, black and white unicorn, prancing.

Our Mytopface Experts wore our Temporary Tattoos out and about while appearing at events, running errands, and just casually hanging around!

sasha unisex unicorn tattoo

You do not have to go anywhere exquisite to test out your new Temporaries, but wearing them while out in the real world will give you a real experience of what having a real tattoo is like.

Even if you are not interested in going for a test run, you can always just use the Temporaries for however long your heart desires. To some tattoos are sexy, to some individuals tattoos are artsy, and even celebrities have them. Beauty icon Kat Von D is covered with tattoos. Beauty artist Jeffree Star is a walking easel with the amount of tattoos he has, and you can look just like the two of them! If that is not your style, remember that hidden tattoos are always an option! Try a long skirt or a maxi dress to cover up some areas where you may stick on your new Temps.

sasha unisex red bow

If you are overwhelmed with how awesome temporary and real tattoos are, you might be interested in henna. Henna is also a form or art, long-lasting, but still temporary. Check out our article about some Epic Henna from Kenzi’s Henna.


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