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VMV Hypoallergenics is a skincare brand that specializes in hypoallergenic and allergy control products, as well as they, provide skin care treatments in their Skin Specialist Boutique in Manhattan.

Our expert came in for a special facial treatment and interviewed Amanda(esthetician) and Dr. Vermén M. Verallo-Rowell (owner)about the service and the products.

– MyTopFace expert received a ‘Let Down Your Stresses’ treatment – please tell our readers about the service and what’s included?

The Let Down Your Stresses treatment here at VMV HYPOALLERGENICS Mott Street Spa, is a 90-minute luxurious facial. This treatment includes a 60-minute customized facial, where the esthetician picks out the best products for the client’s skin type, working with a range of product lines for each skin condition. A thorough cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and a relaxing detoxifying facial massage are performed. A fresh mask is mixed specifically for the client’s skin type, and placed on the client’s face while a 30- minute massage of each limb is performed. This facial is incredibly beneficial for everyone! Addressing each individuals skin care needs and finding the best solution, while also refreshing the mind and body through massage.

Let Down Your Stresses Treatment

– How should clients treat their skin after this facial? Is it suitable for all skin types?

This treatment is absolutely suitable for all skin types. Each client receives a professional skin analysis, and a customized facial formulated for his or her specific skin condition. After each facial is completed the esthetician meets with the client about post facial care, recommending products, and at home skin care regimen best suited for them, going over cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing, to assure that their skin continues to flourish and glow in between facial treatments.

– What VMV Hypoallergenic products did you advise for MyTopFace expert skin and why?

The VMV HYPOALLERGENICS products I recommended for the MyTopFace representative I met with was our Hydra Balance line. After performing her skin analysis I concluded she has combination skin, as well as slightly reactive and sensitive skin . OurHydra Balance line was the perfect fit for her skin, keeping the perfect moisture balance as well as softening and hydrating the skin, mattifying where needed, while also being gentle enough to not irritate her skin.

vmv hypoallergenics skincare

– How often can customers get this type of facial?

Customers can receive this kind of facial every four weeks. It is a perfect way to give the skin the ideal care it needs, relaxing your body giving it the fresh start it desires and staying consistent with your skin care treatments is how you will see the best results.

– What’re your personal beauty secrets for young and healthy skin?

The beauty secret I live by is hydration, hydration, hydration! Even the oiliest of skin types need to be hydrating their skin properly, keeping their skin’s lipid barrier healthy and strong, to ensure you are not over drying the epidermis (most exposed layer of skin), prematurely causing collagen elastin to break down, causing unwanted premature aging. I make sure to never over dry my skin as well as always ensuring my skin is free of any build up, double cleansing each night. First with VMV HYPOALLERGENICS’

Know It Oil, to remove surface dirt and makeup while not stripping my skin of any moisture it truly needs. Followed by my Moisture Rich Creamy Cleansing Milk for a deep pore cleanse, followed by all my nightly serums and creams.

– What’s your recommendation for rosacea skin?

There are a number of variables to be taken into consideration when dealing with a client with rosacea. The first area of concern to look into is if there are any allergies that the individual may have. Detecting if there is an internal cause for the increased inflammation in the skin is the best way to find the most effective skin regimen for managing rosacea. VMV HYPOALLERGENICS created the Red Better collection to address the most common concerns clients with rosacea have or experience.


– What’s your favorite beauty hacks?

My favorite beauty hack I live by is adjusting the temperature of the water when I shower. Never use hot water on my face in the shower, cleansing my face last and being sure to use lukewarm water when I cleanse. Then my ultimate beauty hack is completing my final rinse in the shower with very cold water to help close up my pores and tighten my skin.

– Dr. Vermén M. Verallo-Rowell what’s a skin care trend you wish to go away?
Skin bleaching without addressing the cause.
Discolorations generally occur due to a cause. Examples are:
a. To topical products, an allergic &/or photoallergic reaction to a chemical that gets

on to the skin such as fragrance, preservative, dye ingredients in cosmetics, skin care household cleansing, freshening products, insecticides, topical and inhalant medications.

b. To oral products, such as processed foods, nutritional supplements or pharmaceuticals with similar sensitizing ingredients such as dyes, preservatives, and plant-derived flavors that may give a photoallergic or allergic contact dermatitis.

c. Medical problems that are photosensitive such as some connective tissue diseases.

d. Skin thinning due to photoaging, regular and prolonged use of products with steroids in them.

The photosensitive conditions noted above are very common often insidious, misdiagnosed, and needs to be recognized. Even when the potent laser, other energy devices, bleaching creams or potent anti-oxidants are used and effective, unless the cause is first addressed or treated at the same time, the darkening of the skin will continue to recur.

Treatment: Once the cause is recognized, avoidance, barrier and/or sun and light screen products lighten and keep the skin to its healthy and normal color.


– What’s your personal beauty hack?
Daily use of a sun and light screen and a moisturizer.

I first apply a moisturizer because the protective stratum corneum skin barrier layer is often affected by the many pollutants in our environment, soaps, astringents, cleansers, and from the many light devices I expose my face too. My moisturizer of choice is Virgin Cold-Pressed Organic Certified coconut oil. This oil has been shown in many studies to be anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, improves the microbiota of my skin, with barrier repair properties from its unique fatty acid composition. Plus with its stable palisade, it is both an occlusive and a humectant.

On top of the oil I then apply a sun- and light – screen.

The daily use of a sun- (mainly UV), visible light (VL) and infrared energy) – the screen is protective, preventive as well as therapeutic for photodamage, photosensitivity reactions, and gradual photoaging over time. Note that computer monitors are pure visible light (VL) energy. Although of a low strength, VL has been shown to elicit photo contact dermatitis. This is at a low reaction level, so there often is no redness of dermatitis, just a gradual skin darkening over time. Many of cases called melasma may be due to this type of reaction. Rosacea is a photosensitive skin condition, helped a lot by daily use of a sun- and light- screen. ` Medicines and over the counter products used for acne or to exfoliate the skin also make the skin irritable and photosensitive.

MyTopFace expert reported that she had a great experience and at VMV Hypoallergenic Boutique and is happy and feel relaxed with the treatment she received – this is always pleasant to see professionals at work especially when they use their own products that were made and chosen specifically for your skin needs.

Expert suggestion: for a perfect day off start your day with a Let Down Your Stresses treatment and then finish your look with a fresh haircut or blowdry.


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