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Voluminous Model Hair Thanks to BARDOU

Bardou Haircare

Bardou haircare

Most individuals shampoo their hair before conditioning. If you are an individual who likes to do just that, we Experts here at Mytopface are going to walk you through why BARDOU is our new hair savior. The struggle is so real when looking for a hair Conditioner that gives our hair volume, makes it smell good, AND makes it feel soft. Thank the hair gods we found something that finally works! Kid you not, BARDOU is the real deal. The Volumising Conditioner is:

  • A volume booster
  • A keratin-enriched formula
  • Full of refreshing and nourishing sunflower extract
  • A protectant against heat and UV damage
  • SLS Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Perfect for co-washing

Big hair is in right now. Big meaning voluminous, thick, and full of life. This Volumising Conditioner will deliver just that, nothing less.

Bardou Silk Conditioner

If you are looking for a different kind of Conditioner that is less about show and more about what it can do for the hair, check this one out. BARDOU Silk Conditioner is:

  • Full of sunflower seed extract and conditioning honey ingredients
  • A keratin-enriched conditioner
  • Perfect for co-washing
  • Anti-frizz hair care
  • Nourishing and smoothening formula
  • UV and heat protection
  • SLS Free
  • Cruelty Free

Bardou haircare and cosmetics

This Silk Conditioner left the hair of our experts feeling a silk-like luscious texture. We were running our fingers through our hair practically the entire day! With just 5-7 pumps, as advised by BARDOU, that was just the right amount for us to evenly distribute it throughout our hair. If you are more so the kind of individual to specifically have a high interest in a Conditioner more geared to solely repairing damaged hair, we have something for you, too!

Bardou Repair Conditioner

The perfect hair strengthener is this BARDOU Repair Conditioner. This Repair Conditioner is also:

  • A keratin enriched formula
  • A colour-safe formula
  • Perfect for co-washing
  • Protection against heat and UV radiation
  • In-depth restoration of damaged hair strands
  • SLS Free
  • Cruelty Free

Bardou Repair Conditioner

Repairing while conditioning your hair is one thing, but you also need some tools to help you style it. Whether you are constantly in need of brushing it or need it to assist when you are blowing out your hair, you can result to adding BARDOU’s Ceramic Brush straight into your hair care routine!

Bardou Ceramic Brush

This Brush, kid you not, is the truth. This Ceramic Brush will make your hair smooth and relaxed while giving yourself a blow out. What is even better is that this Brush has:

  • Ceramic properties for constant heat distribution
  • Hair protection against heat damage
  • Tangle-free round brush design

Our experts loved the feel and handle of this Brush. It is super easy to use and manage. Unlike similar brushes, this brush does not get caught in your hair. If you are loving the idea of keeping your hair tangle-free, check out what we had to say about the Tangle Angel Brushes! A tangle-free hair life is sort of our thing, as you can already tell.

With each styling and conditioning tool mentioned above your hair will be magazine and runway ready! No matter what time of the year, your hair should always remain up to par. If you are using these products from BARDOU the credibility of your products is undeniable!

A special thank you to Timeless Pearl for the Golden Shell Pearl Necklace and the Double Deers Pearl Brooch.


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