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We unlocked the Must-Knows about Sugared and Bronzed with Courtney Claghorn

Courtney Claghorn

We get it, ladies! We all work so hard to achieve that flawless look and feeling, but to some of us, it doesn’t always come as easy as it does to others. Awaiting your wax appointment can be dreadful, especially when your specialist is rough and has no idea what gentle means. Numbing sprays and lotions can only prevent so much of the pain, but nine times out of ten it still is not enough.

Sugared and Bronzed SalonIf you are ever in New York and in need of a wax, or a tan, or willing to make a special trip, completed with care and attentiveness, Sugared and Bronzed is the place to go. Located on 114 4th Ave of New York, NY, you are greeted with a friendly hello first thing when you walk into the salon.

Courtney Claghorn, owner and founder, opened several locations dedicated to providing sunless tanning and sugaring to those who desire a pain free and natural experience. If pain free and natural sounds as pleasant to you as it does to us, sit back and enjoy hearing from Courtney Claghorn herself while we ask for more elaborated feedback aside from the questions answered on her Sugared and Bronzed website.

Sugared and Bronzed

MTF: With Sugared and Bronzed being available in over five locations, it is apparent that your business is a booming success. With over that many locations open, it is clear that people like the services they are being provided. What is it about Sugared and Bronzed that you think draws people in with enough interest to keep them coming back?

Courtney: To be specific, Sugared and Bronzed has 7 locations, and we just signed the lease on an 8th location in Studio City, CA! I believe that our flawless tans being the most painless & natural hair removal process, our upbeat vibes, and fabulous customer service keeps everyone coming back quite frequently.

MTF: Our Expert loved her tan provided by your airbrush artist. Your artist mentioned how safe this treatment is compared to the sun’s natural light. Why is providing a safe treatment experience for your consumers so important to you and your artists?

Courtney: It is important for us to provide safe, sunless tan because looking your best (and in turn feeling great) is always fun, but it should never be a risk towards your health. When exposed to the sun’s UV rays the risk of skin cancer is incredibly high, and there is absolutely no reason to put yourself at risk when there is a natural-looking, safe, and easy alternative.

MTF: When waxing, the temperature of the wax can get uncomfortably hot, or hot enough to damage skin. Your treatment is pain-free compared to waxing, correct? If so, please elaborate.

Sugared WaxCourtney: Sugaring is certainly much less painful than waxing, especially if you come once a month and never shave/wax/tweeze in between sessions. First of all, the sugaring paste is only lukewarm, never hot, so it is impossible to burn your skin when getting sugared by us. The first time you get sugared it may only feel slightly less painful than a wax, but every time after that it will become less painful. (This is due to the fact that sugaring is removed in the natural direction of the hair growth and also starts to eliminate the hair follicle with frequent treatments.)

MTF: Our expert was pleased to see the use of technology rather than paper and pencil when filling out the necessary information your artists and estheticians need before providing their services. Please elaborate on how being eco-friendly is important to you and your team.

Courtney: These days, being eco-friendly is not only more beneficial to the environment, but also more efficient, more sanitary, less wasteful, and faster! I feel as though it would be irresponsible to not be eco-friendly!

MTF: We understand that sugaring is much less painful than waxing, but in your opinion, is it an easier task to perform on clients as opposed to removing hair with wax?

Courtney: Sugaring is actually much more difficult for estheticians to learn as compared to waxing. (I think that’s the reason it most likely died out in the Western World!) However, we have an internal “Sugarista Guru” who personally trains our sugaristas for several weeks before she is ever allowed to take a paying client.

MTF: We think our readers would be curious to know, with just very basic ingredients in the sugar, how can those basic ingredients come together and rid of unwanted hair more effectively than sticky wax?

Courtney: It’s just sugar, lemon, and water! Our signature Sugared and Bronzed recipe consists of just the right amount of each for the perfect sugar paste!

MTF: Our experts were pleased to read that your services are not only open to women, but also to men. Please share more on what services may be of help to the men interested in coming to your salon.

Courtney: We offer tanning services to men, however, they are required to wear a swimsuit or underwear during the session. We also offer sugaring services to men on the following body parts: back, chest/torso, arms, and legs.  We do not offer manscaping, manzillians, or buttox.

MTF: Now, there are salons that place new sheets or towels down whenever a new client comes to receive their treatment to avoid the receiving or exchange of bacteria. Please explain Sugared and Bronzed’s disinfectant policy to inform our curious readers.

Courtney: We use medical-grade sanitizers to completely sterilize the bed in between every single client. We do this because this is more sanitary than a sheet or towel that has been folded by hand, then stored in cabinets, etc. In addition, we also do it in an effort to be eco-friendly and create less laundry, especially since we have several California locations where we are experiencing a drought.

MTF: Do you have any tips you would like to further advise to someone receiving either treatment for the first time and is confused on how to arrive prepared?

Courtney: If sugaring, we recommend that a client exfoliates & moisturizes regularly, but not the day of their appointment. That same client should arrive with clean, dry skin, and at least 10-14 days of hair growth for their first sugaring appointment. When it comes to tanning, we recommend that a client moisturizes regularly and stays well hydrated for at least a week before their tan. We also recommend that a tanning client showers, shaves, and exfoliates the night before their tan and arrives to the salon with a change of dark, loose fitting attire, with a pair of slip-on shoes.

MTF: What is the secret to keeping a bronzing treatment looking new and a sugaring treatment feeling fresh?

Courtney: Targeting sugaring specifically, we recommend that a client avoids sweating, avoid sun exposure for the first several hours after their session, and avoid touching the recently sugared area. We also recommend that they do not start their regular exfoliating regimen until a couple days after their treatment. When it comes to tanning, keep your skin hydrated! Drink a lot of water, avoid spending long periods of time in salt water, hot water, or chlorine.  Intense sweating may also cause a tan to fade faster or less evenly.  We also recommend moisturizing 1 – 2x per day every day after your tan, highly recommend with our signature Spréi Sunless Bronzing Mist & Téntoma Tan Extending lotion for best results.

MTF: Besides Sugaring and Bronzing, do you plan on adding more services to choose from?

Courtney: Actually, no, we do not! We pride ourselves in being a very specialized business, because we want to be excellent at the few things we offer, not just average at many services we could offer.

We would love to take the time to extend a genuine thank you to Courtney and her team for the amazing and pain free treatment our expert experienced. We realize and honor that being eco-friendly, along with using natural ingredients takes effort and passion, and we appreciate you and your team for doing so. To our readers, book your appointment in person, over the phone, or online, and experience a treatment that will have you running back every time you are due for a hair removal or sunless tanning treatment!
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With all accessories and treatments mentioned above, you will feel and look immaculate!

Sugared and Bronzed sugaring


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