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Welcome ONEOSEVEN as the Newest Skincare Line to Join the Nordstroms


Introducing ONEOSEVEN, a Korean cosmetics brand that has developed cleansing, fragrance, and skincare products using naturally fermented vinegar as it’s featured ingredient. Ohk Ran Chung discovered this foreign raw material’s incredible benefits, which is the base in most of the product’s formulas. Ohk is a pharmacist and the 35th chairman of Hanega, Korea’s biggest natural fermentation vinegar brand. When she noticed that after five years of fermenting vinegar results create something that helps to relieve skin troubles, as well as help with atopic dermatitis and slows down the aging process. During her research of fermented vinegar, she also discovered an abundance of other valuable properties including seven essential amino acids and organiеc materials like Saccharomyces and Lactobacillus. All of these precious resources are able to form from the process of naturally fermenting vinegar naturally. Through the combined effort of craftsmanship and lot’s of active research, the highly innovative and creative skincare brand ONEOSEVEN was born. We would like those of you who are reading this to know that we are excited to finally announce that ONEOSEVEN  has officially launched at Nordstroms. You can find the their product line on the Nordstroms’ website now, and starting in July you can find ONEOSEVEN  at any Nordstroms department stores across the U.S.



We at MyTopFace tried three soaps from the ONEOSEVEN Cleansing product line, the Milky Cream Lemon Soap, the Premium White Soap, and the Hawaiian Breeze Soap. All of the 107 soaps contain fermented vinegar which helps to remove excess dirt, oils, and flakiness from the skin. The Milky Cream Lemon Soap leaves the skin feeling comfortable, cleansed and refreshed. The formula of the soap is infused with milk to give your skin the extra moisture it needs to leave it soft and silky. Each soap is in the shape of a square and is small and convenient enough to take with you on trips. The Premium White Soap is made with vinegar that has been naturally fermenting for 5 years. This high-quality soap’s formula also has over 20 different types of oriental herbs that claim to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin. Each of these soaps is perfect for everyday use and lather up very well leaving your skin feeling clean but not drying. The light scent of each soap bar lingers on the skin and will have your S.O. swooning over how great you smell and how soft and smooth your skin feels

one o seven Milky Cream LEMON Soap

MTF Hack: We at MyTopFace love these soaps not only because they are well made and they smell great, but also because of their multiple uses. We recommend using the Premium White Soap in placement shaving cream when you run out or using the Milky Cream Lemon Soap with a disposable mascara wand as a clear eyebrow gel to tame and polish your brows.

one o seven Premium WHITE Soap

The Hawaiian Breeze Soap has a lovely and unique scent. This product claims to gives an amazing healthy-looking glow and silky soft feeling to your skin as well as being a product that is ideal for all skin types. We at MyTopFace love this soap because of its fun pink color and interesting yet incredible smell. This soap has a wonderful creamy lather that allows you to thoroughly cleanse the skin of impurities while rejuvenating it with added moisture.

one o seven Hawaiian Breeze Soap

Superior White Cream

If you are looking for an amazing everyday face moisturizer then you will love ONEOSEVEN’s Superior White Cream. Ment for everyday use this cream’s formula has a light and slippery consistency which allows for you only need about a penny sized amount in order to get your full face completely moisturized. The Moisturizer goes on white and needs to be massaged into the skin gently but thoroughly in order to completely allow the product to absorb into the skin without leaving a white residue. This daily cream helps to restore the tone and texture of your skin while also improving its natural softness. We at MyTopFace loved how rich and decadent this moisturizing cream felt on your skin. This product is different because after fully massaging it into the skin it leaves you feeling really tacky and sticky, and we understand that not everyone likes for their skin to feel that way, however, we at MyTopFace personally love it.


Aroma Candle NO.9

The Aroma Candle NO.9 is a wonderful candle with a beautiful warm but fresh scent. It burns slowly and casts a pleasantly light scent that lingers for hours even when the candle is not burning. The sophisticated and distinctive fragrance claims to be made with highly refined soy wax as well as the finest fragrance oils available which makes it as decadent and luxurious as it smells. The fragrance of this candle is also very gentle and creates a soothing ambiance that can calm any atmosphere. We a MyTopFace have been burning this candle at every chance we get. We are very sure about the quality of this candle because of how slowly it burns, however even though it burns slowly we at MyTopFace have managed to almost use it up in a matter of days because of how amazing it is. This candle is comes in a stylish and chic matte jar and can be used for almost any occasion, whether you’re trying to set the mood for a night in with friends or mask the horrible stench of cat litter this will be your new favorite candle like it is ours.

one o seven Aroma Candle NO.9


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