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What color eyeshadow for brown eyes

What color eyeshadow for brown eyes

What Color Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes Looks Best?

What color eyeshadow for brown eyes

The easiest eye color that most eye shadow looks good with is brown. This is why most females consider those who have brown eyes as the luckiest. This makes it a lot easier for females with brown eyes to determine what color eyeshadow for brown eyes, they should try because any of the hues will definitely look great.

Choosing the Right Eye Shadow Color

The most common colors females with brown eyes use include purple, peach, gold, brown, and bronze. But if one wants to try other great hues of different colors, then she should not be afraid of trying out new ones. What color eyeshadow for brown eyes should be? This is the question most females with brown eyes ask. The answer would be anything as long as she’s comfortable with it. For those who are trying to experiment with new looks, consider trying out the following colors.

  • Vibrant blue eye shadow. There are lots of options when it comes to choosing the right color for eye shadows. One can try using vibrant blue for it will surely look great. This is perfect for those playful females who are not satisfied with just wearing the same old natural look they have.
  • Purple mascara. What color eyeshadow for brown eyes? Try focusing on the mascara. With any shade of eye shadow, purple mascara will surely highlight eye shadow making the eyes pop. Aside from this, purple mascara looks great with brown eyes. Brown eyed females won’t have to bother creating a dramatic feel because the mascara alone can handle it.
  • Greenish gold. Don’t be afraid to go green. One can experiment with using greenish gold eye shadow. This is perfect for those who are bored of trying out the neutral colors. Try popping the eyes out with the help of green.
  • Navy Blue. Try combining eye shadow and eyeliner by using the same shade, navy blue. Try using a lighter eye shadow and darker eyeliner or vice versa. This will surely create an eye-catching feels and look while balancing the contrast. It can improve the looks of the eyes by animating it without exaggerating.
  • Copper, like taupe or bone colors, can give a neutral shade that will emphasize natural shading. Making the eyes a bit more dramatic that the other neutral shades. It will help highlight the eyes while adding a textured look and shimmer.
  • Warm Metallic Shade. Metallic shades will never go out of style. It can easily make brown eyes glisten by simply putting them. One will never go wrong with this one. It can complement any sort of eyeliner and even clothes.

For brown-eyed women, all sorts of colors will surely work. But the best thing to keep in mind is for her to feel comfortable whatever look she will be trying out. This is simply because a female with a confident look will always look beautiful regardless of all the makeup on her face. Have fun experimenting and do not be afraid to rock it out.



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