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When Too Much Makeup Becomes a Criminal Offense

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With all the makeup trends and products out there today, it can be hard for most of us to pick just a few. Sometimes we end up overdoing it, even making ourselves look like clowns unknowingly. That’s what happened to a woman in Chicago, and she learned the hard way to subdue her beauty routine, so to speak. A few locals had mistaken her for a clown and immediately ensued violently, attacking her for her poor choice in cosmetics. This brings new meaning to the phrase, “Beauty is pain.” While no one should ever be attacked for their choice of eye shadow, we believe one should never go out looking like a clown, unless of course, rubber chickens and whoopie cushions are your chosen profession. The bad-beauty victim was wearing bright pink lip gloss, neon pink blush, and a “complimentary” blazon pink eye shadow. She used a white shadow highlighter all the way up to her over-plucked brow, probably signaling her affiliation with the town circus. The woman is okay, but we think she’ll go to MyTopFace the next time she applies her makeup, for some sound advice. Pink all over is a big no-no.

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Makeup is an art, a learned craft. Think of it as taking a big test at a university. You should pay attention in class and study days beforehand in order to get a good grade – it’s the same concept with beauty. You should research products, find out which colors and brands best suit your skin type and know that you should never use just one color for your lids, lips, and cheeks. Monochromatic is a trend in fashion, but never in beauty. If no one ever taught you how to apply your makeup, there are tons of video tutorials out there in the world of social media today, so there’s no excuse. None of us are ever going to be Barbie, and wearing pink paint all over our faces is not going to get us any closer to being the famed plastic doll. And as it seems, impersonation doesn’t bode well for some, so we think you should just be yourself. Makeup is meant to cover imperfections, but also meant to enhance one’s natural beauty. Wearing a mask, or a face full of clown paint could not only get you hurt, but we imagine it wouldn’t be popular on Match.com either.

Neutral Makeup

We recommend neutral tones, using just a pop of color. When we say pop of color, that means to pick one – lips, eyes, or cheeks. So, in the case of the mistaken clown, she should have used more nude tones all over, with only a dusting of baby pink on her cheeks, a nude or gold-tone eyeshadow and a slick of her favorite pink on the lips. But, never highlight your brow bones with white shadow, you’re not entering a Halloween contest – white shadow should be banned from the beauty world.

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Even the most educated of beauty mavens need some help when it comes to makeup. So, if you want to do your makeup like the professionals, just head over to our tutorials at MyTopFace and we’ll show you how to incorporate the latest trends, how to show off your best red lip and how to make your eyes pop with just the right winged liner. Not to mention we’ll have your eyelashes batting 1,000 and your brows groomed to perfection. When it comes to beauty, your face is the focal point, so to avoid looking like a clown, and apparently, some bumps and bruises, always turn to the experts first.

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