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Why are Women Shaving Face?

women shave face

We’ve sure heard of some super crazy beauty trends out there, from vampire facials to washing your hair with vinegar, but the latest skincare weirdness has got us extremely curious, and no we’re not kidding, this is a real thing! Women are shaving face, yip, we said it, this new and extreme exfoliation technique is very quickly gaining ground in the beauty industry, and has apparently been around for ages, with loads of celebrities’ who have actually been using this skincare strangeness for some time now! So we decided to explore this a little deeper!

women shaving face

Women shaving their faces has been around since the Egyptian times, and apparently Marilyn Monroe swore by it, and even Elizabeth Taylor tried it, it really is becoming one of the trendiest beauty techniques around, but we know you must be thinking what we were thinking…is it really worth it?

So let’s get deeper into this trend, by first getting the technical term for women shaving face, correct – which is apparently very real (we can’t get over it). This term is called ‘dermaplanning’, so what is dermaplanning exactly? It’s basically a very intense but very effective skin exfoliation for women of all ages and all skin types, and the pioneer facialist in this area on the Hollywood front is most definitely Kate Somerville, Somerville has a massive clientele of celebs, including Sarah Oh and Jessica Alba, take a second to realise how gorgeous the facial skin of these girls are?! Yea, stunning and perfect skin, we know, so there’s no doubt in our minds that Somerville knows what she’s talking about, and she’s been shaving her own face for over 15 years now, and her refreshed and constantly clear complexion is apparently all thanks to her weekly lather and shave.


Somerville swears by her face shaving technique and says she started doing it when she had a very unfortunate upper lip fuzz going on, which wasn’t at all responding well to waxing, so she did some research on the topic, and was very happy and excited to see that her facial fuzz was completely erased, her skin was thoroughly exfoliated and it made for perfect and absolute slick and sleek make-up and beauty product application!


Now as much as you might be concerned about regrowth and that 5o’clock shadow that men get when they shave, apparently women don’t have this effect at all, as our skin and hair has a completely different reaction than that of men, although we do recommend checking in with a specialist on facial beauty before taking on this challenge, we’d love to hear if any one of you have tried out this epic beauty trend and what your results were?!


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