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Winged Liner Video Tutorial

winged liner makeup

Step 1:  Hydrate and Moisturize all over the skin

Step 2:  Apply FOUNDATION to the Skin

Step 3: Apply CONCEALER if needed to areas of redness or discoloration + SET WITH POWDER

Step 4: Apply EYE SHADOW color of choice

Step 5:  Use a liquid liner PEN or POINTED liner brush with liquid liner, in black, to apply black eyeliner over the lids – start from the inner corner of the eyes, using small ‘stroke-like’ motions, then bring the black liner inward with ‘stroke-like’ motions from the outside to inside to connect the black liner.

Apply liner on both eyes.

Step 6:  Apply MASCARA to the lashes

Tutorial made by CHIC Studios exclusively for MyTopFace.com


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