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Youth To The People – A Green Smoothie For Your Skin

youth to people hyaluronic acid

Another day, another natural beauty brand we are falling hard for. Products that improve your complexion with “natural goodness”? Count us in. Youth To The People is our latest experiment in this realm. This indie brand has been gaining a cult following recently, so we set out to find out what makes this brand so covetable. The line contains no harsh preservatives but we feel the need to note up front that it does contain natural preservatives. These ingredients are safe but effective at keeping the Youth To The People product fresh. All of their products are 100% vegan, cold pressed in the USA, they never test on animals or add color or fragrance! YTTP specializes in fighting damage before it happens.

Youth To The People Kale + Tripeptide 37 + Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid age prevention and brightening serum

First, we start by learning their back story. Youth To The People was founded by two young cousins, who were raised in a family with deep roots in the beauty industry. Their grandmother who owned her own beauty line over 30 years ago shared her passion for skincare with them from a young age. This inspired the duo to modernize her vision for today’s consumer. They set out to create a skincare line that had incorporated the benefits of superfoods and science. They target the brand towards people who live an active lifestyle, never stops and most of all wants to keep their youth. Their brand mission is really a core part of our MTF Beauty Experts lifestyle so we were excited to give two of the products, Kale + Tripeptide 37 + Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid age prevention and brightening serum, and the Kale + Aloe + Sunflower Tripeptide 5 age prevention superfood eye cream.

Youth To The People Serum

We start by chatting with you about their serum. The tagline of their product description for this is “like Photoshop in real life” … well, that’s our dream. Our MTF beauty experts go into this review with very high hopes due to this promise! The long name of this product is meaningful. The YTTP brand keeps their important ingredients in their name to show their clients right off the bat what they are putting on (there for in) their bodies. But for those of us who might not know about the health benefits of this product, we will give you a quick lesson!  Kale is a powerful antioxidant that works its powerhouse ways by harnessing the plethora Vitamin A, C, E and K to eliminate skin aging. Tripeptide 37 is a wrinkle reducing master increasing collagen production by 175% over 28 days. As we have talked about before Hyaluronic acid adds back lost fullness and hydrates the skin! MTF beauty experts first use this product in the evening after cleansing our skin. It is a light weight and plush serum! It is not at all sticky and has a water like texture. The product glides on smoothly and because of its texture and therefore a little bit goes a long way! We use approximately 2 pumps to spread all over our faces and neck.  After gently patting it into our skin, we learn the YTTP serum dries quickly with no residue.

Youth To The People Sunflower Superfoods Eye Cream

MTF Beauty Hack: This product can absolutely be used day and night! We would recommend it for both as its light enough to wear under your makeup. It is super hydrating- so if you are looking for a product to use in place of your normal heavy moisturizer in those warm summer months to come this is your product!


The next morning, we wake up with ultra-smooth skin. Our complexion feels tighter and baby soft to the touch. The collagen from the Tripeptide 37 and Hyaluronic Acid absolutely did their work. We were really impressed by the fullness that came from just one use of this product.  It is certainly brightening and renewed our slightly dull complexion! While I wouldn’t call this Photoshop in real life – I would call it in an excellent product that delivers its promise quickly. We are excited to see the long-term effects of using this product over that 28 day period!


Next on deck is the superfood eye cream! The cream again has Kale to keep our skin fresh with Vitamin A, C,E and K. We add in another super food we all know and love aloe! Aloe is super hydrating and soothing. This makes it perfect for puffiness under the eyes to give us a more youthful and refreshed look. Sunflower oil is a natural whiz at neutralizing free radicals and preventing fine lines. This is a dense and THICK cream. We use an extremely small amount and apply under both eyes by tapping lightly with our index and middle fingers. Our MTF beauty expert felt that this cream did a good job at de-puffing our under eyes quickly. 

mytopface youth to the people

MTF Beauty Hack: With this cream being relatively heavy ,we would recommend it as an evening product for your routine! If you put it on before bed you will wake up even more refreshed than just a great night’s sleep. This will also give the cream time to really settle in which is important due to its viscosity!

In all, we really enjoyed the YTTP line and felt that it lives up to the hype it has been receiving. We at MTF love any product that considers what you are putting on your body as just as important as what you put in it!  These cousins have created a full line of products and sets that will keep you young, instead of fighting this damage later on. As we always say prevention is the best policy! We recommend this product for any skin type and any age as it was gentle for sensitive skin and easy to use! It can also be used by men and women alike due to its odorless nature and gender neutral branding!


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