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Yumi Lash Lift at Sugarie Studio

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We are in love with Yumi Lash Lifting and this is one of our monthly must-do procedures. Today we visited Sugarie Studio for Yumi Lashes and talked to Olga about the studio and the services.

– Olga, how did your beauty journey begin?

I`ve always had a passion for skincare and makeup. I started my beauty education right after high school, however, it wasn`t my main specialty, more like a hobby. My journey began 5 years ago when I left my corporate job and started doing what I love the most, turning my hobby into my full-time job.

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– What inspired you to open Sugarie Studio?

My happy and beautiful clients are my biggest inspiration.

– What services do you offer?

Lash lift, eyebrow design, microblading, sugaring.

– What’s your favorite treatment?

Eyebrow design and lash lift are my favorites because you can see a beautiful result immediately after the procedure.

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– What’s your beauty hacks?

Brushing your lashes after every time you wash your face will help you to prolonge a lash lift effect.

– We chose to test Yumi Lash Lift – please tell us about benefits of lash lift and why it’s better than lash extensions?

Yumi Lashes lash lift is a treatment for natural eyelashes. It makes them look longer, fuller, darker and curled up for up to 2 months. There is no damage to eyelashes at all due to gentle and hypoallergenic formula and procedure may be repeated as often as desired.

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– How to prepare for the procedure?

I recommend not to wear makeup before an appointment and do not to schedule it during a period.

– What customers can and can’t do after the yumi lash treatment?

The most important rule is to keep lashes away from water for 24 hours after the treatment. There are no restrictions on cosmetics, pool or hot sauna afterward.

– Why do you prefer sugaring instead of hard wax? Is it suitable for everyone?

Sugaring is the safest and healthiest hair removal method. I’m using organic sugaring paste made of sugar, water, and lemon juice. Original sugaring technique (without using paper strips) helps to prevent formation of new ingrown hair as well as get rid of the old ones. Also, it makes the procedure almost painless and smooth results last much longer than after any kind of waxing. The treatment may be performed on any skin type, with any type of hair thickness, except male`s face.

– What are your beauty goals?

My goal is to emphasize the natural beauty and make people feel happier about themselves.

– We know that you do microblanding, what’s your technique?

It was a pleasure meeting and working with beauty expert and I hope she enjoyed it as well.

I use hair strokes, shading, and 3D techniques.
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– You mentioned that you launching your own products for lashes. Tell us more about this?

Through research and experiments, I found the formula based on organic oils that help to regrow eyebrows and eyelashes naturally. Many of my clients have tested it and they love it. I’m planning to place the product on the market in the nearest future. Stay tuned!

We’re glad to discover Sugarie Studio and happy with the results! We like places where you can get it all: sugaring, lash lifting, microblading and more!


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