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While looking for something new we heard about Z-Skin from American Idol, after reading few positive reviews we wanted to know what it is everyone is talking about – so we went to interview the founder Ryan Zamo and to test and review products ourselves.

Ryan, how did your beauty journey begin? What made you want to create handmade/organic skin care line?

I struggled with cystic acne most of my life, I had tried everything under the sun. Pills, creams, TV systems etc., and nothing would seem to be the solution to my problem. Either it was too drying or didn’t do anything for me. At 25 years old, I was tired of spending too much money and time and was about to give up. My mom [who unfortunately passed away a few years ago] was a plant biologist and horticulturist who specialized in exotic plant life, and my dad is from Hungary where they only have organic solutions to use. Together they helped me create a plan of attack, and it worked! So I made it a point to bring highly effective, affordable products that use exotic ingredients, to the everyday consumer at a price they can afford. I knew how it felt to spend too much, the fear of trying something new AGAIN and the confidence of finally clearing up my skin, and that is what I wanted to help others overcome.

How do you manage to combine completely different careers in music and your own skincare brand and be successful at both?

Honestly, I have ADHD! I can’t do things for more than a few hours without being bored. So it’s perfect that for me to have the ability to switch focus during the day. I also own a production company and have won an Emmy for my Amazon TV series Back Stabber. My day is filled with bouncing from ‘job to job’ which keeps my mind stimulated, allows me to get everything done for each, and keeps me excited about all of them.

We saw Katy Perry misting with Face Lift Toner on American Idol! Please tell us about the Idol and the Toner.

Though they didn’t show my whole segment, they centered it around Z Skin! Why? Because the truth is, no matter what career you are in [singing, skincare, clothing etc.] you need a strong business sense to make it. Being able to take a handmade skincare line and grow it into an international brand proves that I know how to market something. The music industry is just another industry, you can be the next Mariah Carey, but if you can’t sell a record and make them money, nobody cares.

Z-Skin Face Lift Toner

The American Idol producers actually wouldn’t let me bring my products or give them to the judges. I wasn’t going to let that stop me hahah. Just shows that persistence pays off! Ryan Seacrest also used the products and the other 2 judges did too, but they cut that part out, unfortunately.

Our Face Lift Toner was the first liquid spray anti-aging product on the market! It combines strong anti-aging properties that will help hydrate, lift, firm and erase dark spots. I wanted to create something that was convenient to carry around with you, who wants to take out a tube of lotion and apply it at a restaurant? A spray is much easier and not as much of a hassle to apply.

Z-Skin Lip Balms look juicy – how did you choose flavors? (please tell about the product itself).

I mixed and mixed and combined as many different flavors as possible to find the right combo! I wanted something that tastes like candy but worked magic on dry cracked lips. I make it with a shea butter base, shea butter is one of the most moisturizing ingredients for dry skin but it absorbs easily so it doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. My favorite brand [before creating Z Skin, since I don’t use any other brand of products anymore for anything] was Soft Lips. I loved how, no pun intended, soft they made my lips. I wanted to recreate that with pure organic ingredients.

Z-Skin Lip Balm

The summer is coming! We’re excited to have our hands on Simply Organic Sunblock – tell us more about it.

I was a lifeguard as a teen, and I hated all sunblock! The white streaks, the greasy feeling, the smell, clogging my pores etc. There was nothing that I enjoyed putting on, so when I Started Z Skin that was one of the first things I wanted to do! Its citrus based so it smells like heaven, has a strong SPF factor, isn’t greasy, and helps erase dark marks, scars and clear acne. I figured why not protect your skin, heal it, and enjoy putting it on? It also is a bug repellent, because I used to get eaten alive when the sun went down and didn’t have time to go apply bug spray on top of the terrible sunblock.

Z-Skin Organic Sunblock

Also, Sunblock is VITAL to use daily though, not just during the summer. That’s why I made sure to create something people wouldn’t mind using all the time. I don’t even think of it as sunblock anymore, just a really great moisturizer that smells really good.

Most eye creams are for morning and evening use. How is Z Skin Daytime Eye Cream is different?

Z-Skin Daytime Eye Cream

We actually do offer both day and nighttime eye creams. But they are targeted to work differently. The daytime eye cream is geared to reduce dark circles, bags, and puffiness. The nighttime eye cream is formulated to fight wrinkles and fine lines. But some people don’t struggle with one or the other, and if we combined both products into one, it would be heavy and greasy feeling.

What’re your personal favorite products?

My personal favorites are the 2 products I first created; The Coffee Face Scrub and Mid-Day Shine Control. The coffee scrub uses real coffee grinds to help exfoliate, fights acne and dark marks, is high in anti-oxidants which fights and reverses the signs of aging, and wakes me and my skin up every morning with the smell! Shine control is actually a product that isn’t purchased a lot, which is bizarre to me. It immediately absorbs excess oil, sweat, and moisture from the skin and keeps it dry for 4-6 hours. It mimics the skins oil so it “tricks it” into thinking it’s already produced enough. People like myself who get shiny during the day breakout more than people that do not, because the excess oil traps dirt and dead skin cells into the pores. That’s why it’s so vital to use if trying to combat acne because you can use products in the morning and at night, but it’s useless if your skin is sabotaging itself during the day.

What’re your beauty hacks?

I’m actually in the early stages of writing a book for beauty hacks! Our brands’ original slogan was “Natures secret to flawless skin”, so the book is going to be titled “Your pantries secret to looking flawless”. It’s going to contain beauty hacks you can do while cooking a meal. One example is an anti-aging face mask. You combine 1-part yogurt, 1-part honey, 1-part cinnamon and a splash of fresh lemon juice. You apply it for 20 minutes before rinsing off, and it will help erase fine lines, dark spots and even out skin tone. Cinnamon is actually a really cool ingredient, it reduces inflammation in areas that it’s not needed [acne, puffy eyes etc.] and plumps up areas that do need it [fine lines and wrinkles], plus is an antibacterial, bug repellent and heals cuts and wounds!

Another hack is coffee grinds! After making your pot of coffee in the morning, simply rub the used coffee grinds under your eyes and wipe off after 5 mins. The caffeine in them will reduce puffiness under the eyes by increasing the blood flow allowing the pooled fluid to be pushed out.

We have tested the Sunblock and now it’s one of our must have. One of the big advantages of this product – it doesn’t smell like most sun protectors do and it feels very light on the skin.

MTF hack: we also tested Day Eye Cream and noticed that its a perfect fit for night time, as well as can be used as an eyemask few times a week. The texture of the cream is good for someone who doesn’t apply makeup.

Our team loved all the flavors of Z-skin lip balms! They smell very juicy, provide a good hydration for lips and fit in any bag.

We totally agree with Katy Perry – Face Lift Toner is must-have in your beauty box! You can use it day or night time after washing face with your favorites cleansing oil or gommage before applying Face Lift Toner or Facial Toner depends on your skin needs.

MTF hack: Spray a little bit of Face Lift Toner on your beauty blender – it will help you applying CC cream or liquid foundation.

Our favorite product from Z-skin is Extreme Moisturizer, you can apply it any time when your skin needs it, day or night time. It has no smell, this is a perfect base for makeup application. Z-skin Moisturizer amazing product for all ages and skin types especially for sensitive!

Z-Skin Extreme Moisturizer

Choose your favorites from Z-skin care line and enjoy organic, handmade products!


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