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Zegna Nails Lounge
We are obsessed with healthy and beautiful nails and you can always meet one of our experts doing mani and pedi in one of the salons. This week is no different – we discovered a new place Zegna Nails Lounge and went for a luxury manicure and pedicure service. Read below more about the service and interview with the owner Irina.
Irina, please tell us about your career and why did you decide to open Zegna Nails Lounge?

I am an Architect, graduated with honors in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in 2008. Worked as an architect in Russia from 2006 to 2011, in New York since 2012 to Present.

I was obsessed with my nails since I’m 7. Kids nails weren’t existing as an idea back then. So I only found a way to work on it by cleaning nail edges underneath, so it looks white and 1 millimeter long. I did it every night waiting for it to grow every day. Then I remember many nail polishes, always the longest nails in the room, done by myself. Never did extensions though.

Then I tried my first gel manicure in New York in 2012. Gel always cracked before I tried Luxio by Akzentz, that didn’t crack. I use it now in Zegna Nails and keep on searching for better products to satisfy all customers. Architect in me and nail obsession lead me to an idea to make that perfectly comfortable room for a quality nail service.
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We have tested gel mani and pedi, tell us why you decided to work with this gel brand?
Luxio by Akzentz is the most expensive gel on market, it doesn’t crack. It’s a Canadian brand, and Canadians are the nicest people, as Meryl Streep said in Golden Globe 2017.

What the difference between simple shellac and gel brand that you work with?

Shellac is a good and more affordable brand but it doesn’t last that long on nails.
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How long does it usually lasts?
Shellac and Luxio work differently on different nails. Usually, my Shellac nails stay no longer than 3 weeks with chips and cracks. Luxio stays for 2 months on the same nails until it looks like French.
What’s your beauty hack for healthy nails and cuticles?

Beauty hack for nails: use gel as a shell, a protection from chipping or peeling. Nails don’t have lungs, let them breathe by not wearing anything from time to time. Don’t let technicians buff nails too much, find those who care.

Cuticles: Moisturize often, have hand lotion by your bed and in your purse or jacket. Generously rub lotion into cuticles, slowly for 1 minute. Nourish that dead skin, it will look and feel soft and won’t crack. Cut any hanging pieces of skin with nippers before it rips, or stop it to rip more when it already hurts. MyTopFace team definitely recommends using oil for cuticles!
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Please tell our readers about your 3-step sanitation process?
After washing tools with a brush and a soap it goes to Ultrasonic Cleaner with Barbicide. Next step is a High-Temperature Sanitizer Cabinet. Then tools get packed into sterilization pouches and stay in UV Sterilizer till they used again. clients bring their own tools, but they trust our tools more, seeing them in perfect condition comparing to theirs.
What are your favorite colors from the gel palette?
Luxio is not only known for its quality but also for its color palette. Ladies get lost with those colors, how beautiful they are. We have 54 out of 146. Tiffany, Engagement, Mischievous, Serenity, Conceal, Fairy, Elle, Bespoke.

In conclusion, we want to highlight the awesome, super comfortable and stylish sofa-chair where you can just chill with favorite shows from Netflix or just sleep while getting the service. The room totally private! Our expert reported that both services mani & pedi were done at the same time, it helps save time for busy women like we all are. Our expert choose a Mischievous color, that totally fit all kind of clothes or events! A classic red without too many words.

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