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Zoe Cosmetics Natural Healing For Your Skin From Italy

Zoe Cosmetics

We are continuing our series reviews of Italian beauty brands that are not that popular in the US yet and today we are going to talk about Zoe Cosmetics. Zoe brand is founded by Chiara Catalani, Cosmetologist, and Pharmacist who made the brand with the idea to combine science and nature in the cosmetics. In the Greek language, Zoe means ‘Life’.

Zoe specializes in multipurpose skincare and has ranges for the cleansing, body, special purify and restore, complimentary to strengthen and protect, daily hydrate and correct, antiaging, and lifting line.

Among the variety of available products, we chose Gentle Milk, Instant Pure, Secret Mousse from Cleansing line, Water Touch from Daily line, and Mirabilis from Liftin Power line.

Cleanse and Purify line that is developed with ingredients that promote restoring, soothing and removes impurities of the skin and offerers three different products:

Gentle Milk –  is a cleansing, nourishing and smoothing milk that made to fit any type of skin. It gently removes impurities and waterproof make-up, bringing relief and hydration to sensitive skin. To use apply a little product in the morning and evening to face and neck area massaging gently.

Zoe Cosmetics Gentle Milk

Instant Pure – micellar water. Soap-free detox makeup remover formula is suitable for any type of skin. It removes waterproof make-up, without causing irritation, while purifying and brightening skin. The product can be applied in the mornings and evenings and do not require rinse-off.

Zoe Cosmetics Instant Pure

Secret Mousse – purifying foam cleanser, refreshing and oxygenating for any type of skin. It removes residual makeup and impurities bringing relief to sensitive skin or stressed ones from sun, smoke, pollution. Apply product in mornings and evenings on the face and neck area with gentle massage.

Zoe Cosmetics Secret Mousse

The Daily line offers daily treatments for dry, sensitive, and oily skin. Products from this line hydrate and moisturize skin as well as fight free radicals, preventing skin from wrinkles appearance.

Water Touch – moisturizing face cream with antioxidants and soothing effect. This cream is ideal for dry skin. The revolutionary texture that turns into water in contact with the skin. Gives hydration and freshness to sensitive skin. Cleanse and tone skin before applying.

Zoe Cosmetics Water Touch

Lifting Power line offers products to restore and sculpt.

Mirabilift 10+ – is anti-aging serum. Thanks to its 28% actives, redensifying and redefining performance it gives an instant lifting effect. The serum works against severe wrinkles, loss of tone and firmness, spots and redness. Ultra concentrate serum developed with prodigious activities that act in 10 aging signs ensuring fast visible improvement. Perfect base before applying your favorite SPF tint.

Zoe Cosmetics Mirabilift 10

MyTopFace expert noted that she liked Zoe products a lot – ‘They do what they suppose to do and bring fast result. Zoe offers products that act fast and this is very important in our busy world and beauty routine. I also noticed that all products have a nice gentle scent that is calming and reminds me of my childhood. Zoe Cosmetics is now part of my daily routine and I am looking forward to getting rest of the line, testing them and then sharing my experience – truly happy we discovered Zoe!’


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