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Custom Facial at CryoEmpire

This hot summer, after deep face washing with your favorite face scrub, MyTopFace team recommends applying ice cube or cold (refrigerated) jade roller to your facial skin. For everybody who loves the proper and long-lasting result, we definitely recommended trying cryofacial and your skin will thank you!
Cryofacial is a perfect skin boosting procedure that is great to do to refresh and renew and is one the best forms of facial rejuvenation. It is great to do in a hot summer, before an important event or literally any other time when skin needs boosting. We interviewed co-founder of CryoEmpire Dasha and a leading esthetician Alina about amazing treatments they offer.
Dasha, please tell us about your beauty journey and how did you decide to open a CryoEmpire?
I majored in Health Science and then completed an accredited Physician Assistant Program. Initially, I worked in plastic/reconstructive surgery, where I operated together with the doctor who’s specialty was facial surgery. I enjoyed helping people to look and feel more beautiful, have this confidence about them. My only pet peeve was that many of the procedures we performed were quite invasive with long recovery times. In opening CryoEmpire, I wanted to create something new but where I could apply my skills and my past experience. I wanted to offer our clients some of the less invasive approaches to beauty. Cryotherapy if obviously our cornerstone and it is quite powerful in reducing inflammation, increasing circulation that all play a vital role in collagen production.
What’re the most popular treatments in CryoEmpire?
Whole body cryotherapy and cryo facials are our top two treatments.

cryoempire cryotherapy

What’s your personal beauty hack?
Whenever I need a quick me up.. for a special event or just because, I opt for a cryo facial. It is quick (8-10 mins), and you get to glow right away! Dab a little bb cream (goes on so smooth right after cryo) and you are all set. If your skin is in good health, that is really all you need. And if it is not, come to see us at CryoEmpire! 🙂

Alina,(esthetician) MyTopFace expert received a customized facial please tell our readers about the service and what’s included?
-It was such a pleasure to meet and treat your MyTopFace expert!

The first step of the treatment was cleansing and evaluation. To cleanse the skin I used a fabulous organic skin care line from Italy, called Bioline.  After skin evaluation, my client received Microdermabrasion treatment, followed by steam to open up the pores and ready for the extractions.

Right after extractions, my favorite product is applied called Acai peel. It is a gommage style peel. Peel is applied on the face for 15 min or so and removed with friction massage movement. This way of movement, gets rid of dead cells, exfoliates and gives skin amazing long-lasting glow. To finish our facial, (and this is all of my clients’ favorite treatment)is CryoFacial. CryoFacial is great to minimize pores, freeze fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenate and uplift the skin.
To finish our facial I massaged the skin with Bioline PhBalance moisturizing cream and 35 SPF sun protection cream.
cryo empire
How should clients treat their skin after this kind of facial? Is it suitable for all skin types?

-Clients should wash their face morning and night, continue to exfoliate the skin about once to twice a week. Good zinc oxide sun protection is a must, 35 SPF and up is recommended.

-Treatment is suitable for all skin types. Unless it’s advised by their Dermatologist to stay clear of intense exfoliation.
cryotherapy facial
How often can customers get CryoFacial?
-I have same clients coming to see me every single day for CryoFacial. Its amazing 12 min ‘pick me up’ treatment, that is absolutely on the go! Clients love the even skin tone and glow after the treatment.
What’re your favorite treatments which you performed in CryoEmpire?
– I love them all! However, my all-time favorite is the Facials, I love working with my hands and make my clients beautiful. Deep cleanse, anti-aging, detox facial, Love it all!
What’s your personal beauty secrets for glowing and healthy skin?
-Exfoliation, exfoliation, exfoliation!!!
What’s your recommendation for dehydration skin?
-I love a good hyaluronic acid serum or a mask for hydration. Drinking a good amount of water is a big part of glowing, healthy skin.
What’s your favorite skincare line?
-My new all time favorite is the organic line I use at CryoEmpire, its called Bioline. I haven’t had one client that called me and said they didn’t like it.  Wonderful line!!
We love this place and the quality of services! Expert skin is glowing for 2 weeks after the Customize facial with Cryo. Bring your mom or friend and spend time together in CryoEmpire with your favorite services from their menu.


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