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Pampering Is an Understatement With Maria Bonita Salon & Spa

Maria Bonita Salon New York

When others hear Maria Bonita they think of Madonna, but when we hear Maria Bonita, we think of the infamous Maria Bonita Salon & Spa located in SoHo, New York. Greeted with a welcoming environment, our Mytopface Expert was pleased to receive a manicure and pedicure. A Brazilian style manicure and pedicure to be exact. If you are curious to know the difference between some of the styles you can receive, including the style serviced to our expert, read on and hear from creator, Fernanda Lacerda.

Mytopface: Let us start by saying that the service our Mytopface Expert received was amazing. Plus, your listed menu of services is quite impressive for it all to be offered under one roof. Your list of services in itself is one thing that sets your Salon & Spa apart from the rest. Care to elaborate on how the many services came about?

Fernanda Lacerda: The services came about when we decided to create a list of beauty services that could easily be offered under one roof.

Mytopface: Your 24/7 online booking is a great idea to have your client take their time when deciding on a day that works best for them, but does that cause any conflict on your end? To be more specific, if a client were to schedule an appointment for the next day, how can that customer be guaranteed a stylist/specialist/technician will be there to fulfill their requested service(s)?

Fernanda Lacerda: They can pick from what they need, and from what we can offer, all online. The system is real time and integrated with our booking system so there is no conflict or problem of double booking or under-staffing.

Maria Bonita Nail Salon

Mytopface: To touch back on the specific service our expert received, her technician put OPI Infinite Shine 2 on her nails. Is that something your technicians put on all customers?

Fernanda Lacerda: We let them pick, but we do recommend this one as it is a long lasting polish that we adore.

Mytopface: Do your stylists/specialists/technicians have to go through any extensive training to be apart of your team?

Fernanda Lacerda: Our team is composed of people who have been working in the company for years. When someone new joins we get them trained by the co-staff who is also responsible for the same service.

Mytopface: For our curious readers, what is the difference between a MB Special Pedicure and a Brazilian Pedicure?

Fernanda Lacerda: The MB Special is a longer process and uses paraffin, as well as a mask to rid of calluses and make the skin smooth.

Mytopface: And again, what is the difference between a French Manicure and a Brazilian Manicure?

Fernanda Lacerda: The French Mani has tips, that is the difference. Now with the trend to mix and match with colors, we love to provide that service to any one interested.

Maria Bonita Salon and Spa Soho

Mytopface: Your store-front is very welcoming. Do you accept walk-ins, or is booking an appointment an absolute must?

Fernanda Lacerda: We accept walk-ins upon availability.

Mytopface: Your Salon & Spa was acknowledged by TeenVogue, Rachael Ray, Fox 5, E News, and more. Has the traffic exceeded since?

Fernanda Lacerda: Before, during, and after press our traffic has been excellent!

Mytopface: Most salons have a small team made up of one or two individuals for each service. Your team is quite large. How do you all manage to work together well and positively?

Fernanda Lacerda: By respecting each other and conducting monthly meetings.

Mytopface: Your Salon & Spa has a ton of excellent reviews. Do you ever encourage your loyal customers to review or do they take it upon themselves?

Fernanda Lacerda: No, we do not ask for reviews, but we do appreciate every single one of them.

Mytopface: On your site we saw that you have your own product line on it’s way. Care to give us some sneak peek details for our interested readers?

Fernanda Lacerda: As of right now we are keeping it a major secret, but we will be sure to spread the news once it’s time.

Mytopface: Does your Salon & Spa plan on opening any more locations?

Fernanda Lacerda: Shhhhhhhhhh.

Mytopface: Although your service menu is extensive in itself, does your Salon & Spa plan on adding any more services in the near or distant future?

Fernanda Lacerda: We might have to, as we always make sure to keep up with the latest trends.

Mytopface: Lastly, if one was curious to know what kind of information they would receive if they signed up for your “Latest News,” what kind of information can they expect to receive?

Fernanda Lacerda: The latest and greatest trends in the beauty industry.
Fernanda Lacerda Maria Bonita

Well, there you have it folks! Thank you to owner Fernanda Lacerda and co-owner Manuela Giannini for the amazing environment, time, experience, service, and staff!

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